As a global company with clients and offices around the world, we are dedicated to consistent, safe, and transparent IT development and sustainable progress in each country of our presence, including Ukraine. This year, we’ve set it as our priority to put maximum effort to contribute to supporting Ukrainians, including our employees and partners.    

Besides, this year, constant help for the local community where our offices are located, and social and environmental awareness has been our goal. We’re committed to make meaningful contributions by establishing partnerships with local NGOs and taking part in charity initiatives.   

To share with you how we contributed this year, to promote the initiatives in the local community and ideas on how others can contribute to the common good, we prepared a Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2022.

Read it here: CSR_Report

About Forbytes  

Forbytes is a Swedish-based software engineering and product development partner with offices in the EU and US, as well as powerful software development centers in Central and Eastern Europe. For years, our team leads businesses through digital transformation and help them scale up. Satisfied clients are our biggest pride and the best confirmation of our high-quality work.