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One of the world’s best eCommerce platforms for growing businesses.

Magento is one of the 3 most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. It is used by such famous online retailers as Nike, Coca-Cola, Acer, Ford, and many others. Obtaining Magento development services is the right choice for companies that want to grow. It is more flexible than other platforms and allows performing customizations to satisfy any business need. With professional implementation and use, Magento provides all the necessary tools and approaches to make an eCommerce company truly stand out.

Key uses.

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Technology benefits.


Business scaling

Magento eCommerce platform can support thousands of products on one website. It is a perfect solution for companies that want to be able to expand their stock.


Easy integrations

From CRM systems to over 50 payment gateways, Magento ensures easy integration with any third-party tool you need.



The platform can be adapted to all business needs, from the user experience to product categories. Any front-end and back-end configurations are possible with professional Magento eCommerce developers.


Cloud Solutions

Magento offers a separate cloud solution that provides you with the entire infrastructure: database, the application itself, etc. The Magento company gives you cloud space on their own servers.


SEO efficiency

Magento lets you improve your SEO and helps clients find your store. The platform is equipped with useful SEO tools that make reaching those top spots in Google search both easier and less expensive.


Data protection

Feel safe about your store and customer data with the help of numerous Magento security extensions. Magento team constantly monitors the platform and effectively reacts to any vulnerability.


Mobile-friendly configuration

Magento themes are suitable for any kind of mobile device or desktop. With a touch-screen friendly admin panel of Magento 2, you can manage your store even via smartphone.


Intuitive content management

Build and modify your offers with intuitive and visual-based content management system. Its flexibility allows you to easily customize your cart and provide the best experience for users.


Advanced reports

20 types of reports are available in the system: choose the information that will help you analyze your business and provide you with effective decision-making approaches.



Requires technical proficiency

It is possible to use the basic version of Magento without any technical background. However, in order to guarantee high-quality customizations, you need to acquire professional Magento development services. That said, even though it induces higher costs, it completely compensates for this with a stable website that works correctly and has tons of useful features.



Magento development team is always focused on platform improvement, which means you will need to install updates and patches regularly. They keep your eCommerce company secure and up to date, however, you need a Magento specialist to help you stay on top of important changes and to implement them correctly.


Needs proper setup
to truly shine

An eCommerce store with a big database and a lot of products, categories, and customers can quickly become “heavy”. Without proper setup of servers and different types of cache, the website will become slower and less responsive. This is why you should look for an experienced team that provides Magento development services. They can set everything up for you and your store will fly, no matter how big it is.

Our experience in Magento.


eCommerce software development for the Nordic region’s leading online store of sports products.
  • Completed migration on the Magento eCommerce platform to make the system more flexible, secure and fast with ensuring solid business scaling;
  • Provided all data migration including order history, customer-sensitive data, catalog with all products and categories, user reviews, etc.
  • Built a platform for managing separate online stores for different countries with different languages, currencies, products, logistics systems, purchasing models, and more;
  • Completed third-party integrations including multiply service integrations and Affiliate marketing systems;
  • Customized the platform with a loyalty program, product recommendation system, tool for shipping cost calculation based on location, package weight and size, etc;
  • Performed platform configurations that enable full system management form the admin side.
  • Provided full platform support during its lifecycle.
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