eCommerce development services for an online retailer of kids’ products

Lekmer’s main goal was to increase eCommerce sales through improved customer experience in their online store. The first step was to make the website faster and more stable and allow it to handle high traffic and large amounts of orders at peak times.
Afterward, the Forbytes team worked with Lekmer staff to design and build custom tools that would allow them to automate manual tasks within the business and focus on its development and growth.

Business needs

  • Increase eCommerce sales and customer retention with a stable and user-friendly online store.



  • Increase the efficiency and quality of service to customers, to ensure a steady and predictable demand for their products.



  • Attract more paying customers to the eCommerce website.

Forbytes solutions

  • Lekmer’s sales and customer retention were improved significantly by the technical performance optimization to their online store that was completed by the Forbytes team. In the first year of our collaboration, Lekmer saw a significant improvement in the number of completed orders during the Black Friday sale. The knowledge and experience of our team allowed it to identify and fix performance-related issues, making crashes and downtime during peak sales periods a thing of the past.
  • Lekmer obtained multiple bespoke tools and integrations from our team that allowed them to make the experience in their online store exceptional. These included a rating and review system to give customers feedback on the quality of products sold, a search engine recommendation tool that assisted customers with finding the right items, a wishlist feature, and more.
  • The Marketing team required the ability to create more sophisticated marketing campaigns and unique offers to attract more paying customers. We designed, build, and delivered multiple custom tools to meet all of their needs. In addition, we created a feature that enabled the Marketing team to quickly and efficiently create special offers by combining different products into “Packages”. This provided a boost to the team and their goal of increasing eCommerce sales.

Forbytes’ team has been thorough in everything they’ve done.


The team consistently delivers detailed and professional results.

Patric Palmefjord CTO Lekmer

Key facts about our client

  • Lekmer was part of the Qliro Group of companies when at the time they acquired software development services from Forbytes.
  • Lekmer was one of the biggest online retailers of goods for children in the Scandinavian region.
  • Lekmer was later acquired by the BabyShop Group. We worked with their team for 6 months to help and transfer our business and technical knowledge.

How we worked together

Working closely with the Lekmer team, we identified opportunities and built solutions to enable the growth of their business. Our client obtained a high-performance eCommerce system, specifically designed for their needs.

Both Forbytes and Lekmer teams enjoyed a very close and collaborative working culture. Lekmer team consisted of the CTO and founder, who was supported by an in-house frontend developer, a business analyst, and a project manager, while the Forbytes team included 3 senior backend developers.

Lekmer team focused on gathering business requirements and working on the frontend part of their online store. Our team focused on building bespoke backend solutions and making integrations with other systems within the Lekmer eCommerce environment.

As a result of our collaboration, the client’s business benefited in multiple ways:

  • Increased number of orders as a result of a stable platform. A big part of our cooperation included working on improving the online store itself and making it easier for customers to place their orders.
  • Increased revenue from customers being able to place orders. Having a stable platform that can handle high amounts of traffic allowed Lekmer to significantly raise the number of orders in peak times and, as a result, increase eCommerce sales.
  • Increased number of customers with effective marketing tools. Our team developed custom tools for Lekmer’s marketing department, allowing them to create effective campaigns and offers, and attract more customers to the store.
  • Easier day-to-day work for staff with custom tools designed specifically for their needs. We developed custom tools and provided various integrations (e.g. payment methods, shipping services, CDN, etc.) as soon as the need occurred, helping the client keep up with their growth and stay effective and efficient.

Technologies we have used in this project




Search/Recommendation engine

Rhino Mocks

.NET Framework
Win services

New Relic

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