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.Net is a software developer platform from Microsoft that allows building different types of applications. It consists of 3 main implementations – .Net Framework, .Net Core and Xamarin, and supports C#, F#, and Visual Basic programming languages. Each implementation allows .Net developers to build applications that work on different platforms – Windows, macOS, Android, etc. This makes .Net an extremely flexible and multipurpose platform that saves time and results in lower costs. In addition, .Net provides all the necessary tools that allow customizing, scaling and quickly adjusting the solution based on any business need. This makes it a perfect choice for enterprize-sized businesses and smaller businesses that strive to develop and grow.

Key uses.

Web, mobile and
desktop applications
Effective Internet
of Things
Integration of
machine learning

Technology benefits.



.Net solutions are very easy to scale and are the perfect choice not just for large businesses but also for smaller ones that aspire to grow.


Cross-platform solutions

.Net developers can building solutions that work on various platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. This helps businesses reach a larger audience and, as a result, increase client-base and profits.


Customization and integration

The platform provides .Net developers with all the tools to adapt your solution to any business need and quickly alter it if necessary. Integration with other systems and services is also very simple and straight-forward.


Stability and security

Microsoft constantly monitors and improves the platform by releasing various patches, updates, and new versions. They make sure that the platform is stable and secure and react quickly to any alerts or possible breaches.


Saving development time and cost

.Net platform uses OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) – a programming paradigm that allows parallel development and reuse of existing code. Code is easy to maintain and can be divided into smaller pieces that are easy to manage, test and adjust. Together with numerous and extensive libraries, common APIs and powerful Visual Studio .Net Framework allows a significant reduction of development time and cost.


Innovation and new technologies

If any technological advancements are made, Microsoft is among the first to react and take advantage of them. Using .Net guarantees that you are walking hand-in-hand with technological progress.



Licensing Cost for .Net Framework

Nice things cost money, there is no way around it. In order to use .Net Framework, you would have to pay licensing costs to Microsoft, which can stack up. However, if you are serious about what you are doing and want to create something truly special – you have to focus on quality, not the cost. Besides, you can take advantage of some free options that Microsoft offers to start with.


Problematic transition to .Net Core

Transitioning a .Net Framework solution to .Net Core can sometimes be problematic. Not all .Net Framework libraries are available for .Net Core and would have to be either substituted or built from scratch. Nevertheless, none of this matters if you are simply building a new solution with one of the frameworks.


Lack of documentation for the latest innovations

As mentioned before, Microsoft pays close attention to innovation and tries to implement new technologies as soon as they appear. Besides the obvious benefits, it comes with one issue: proper documentation is sometimes provided at a later time, not at the moment of implementation. Therefore, if your .Net developers are using something new and exciting they have to be prepared to do some research and try things on their own. However, if they are experienced .Net developers, this will not be an issue.

Our experience in Microsoft .NET


Business automation software for the international fashion brand
  • Developed an application for an elite fashion brand to double the number of custom-made shirts produced per week and increase the company’s revenue;
  • Digitalized the ordering system to reduce mistakes and wasted time on the current paper-based process;
  • Gathered information flows from different business areas in one application for easier order management and control of fabric stock data;
  • Integrated ERP and CRM systems with new automation software to save orders data and be able to use it for business purposes;
  • Made it easier to verify and validate orders and clients’ measurements, resulting in better client experience;
  • Developed an app that will reduce the number of mistakes in order processing to provide clients with better quality products.
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Developing a hotel property management system on .Net Framework from scratch.
  • Developed a sophisticated and convenient hotel property management system for managing and customizing properties, pricing, reservations, etc.;
  • Added easy integration with third-party systems and services (e.g. Booking.com, Facebook, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc.);
  • Included a useful reporting tool that provides statistics to help analyze various aspects of business performance and plan future steps;
  • Implemented a convenient notification system;
  • Used a Blue-Green Deployment technique that eliminates application downtime during updates and makes hosting more reliable;
  • Automated application deployment system which made introducing improvements and new features easier, more efficient and cost-effective.
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