Scandinavia’s leading internet shop in training and dietary supplements

Gymgrossisten, founded in 1996, is regarded as a pioneer of e-commerce. They started as a small private company and became the Scandinavian leader in their niche. It is one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the world with around 100-million-dollars worth of annual sales. The company is established in Scandinavia and Western Europe.


Gymgrossisten is now operating under the Health and Sports Nutrition Group together with two other stores:

  • Gymgrossisten (SE) (DK) (NO) (FI) (AT) (EU)
  • (SE)
  • (SE)

Technology Stack

  • Backend technologies: PHP, Magento Enterprise
  • Frontend technologies & tools: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Knockout JS, Compass
  • DataBase: MySQL, Redis
  • Recommendation and search engine: Apptus eSales
  • Continuous integration: Jenkins, Capistrano
  • Content delivery network & cloud computing services: Akamai
  • Virtualization: Docker, Vagrant
  • Other tools & integrations: ERP, Payment providers, New Relic

Key product features

  • High customisation level
  • Integrations with third-party solutions
  • Advanced shopping experience
  • Advanced dynamic caching

how we work with Gymgrossisten

How we work

As their business grew, Gymgrossisten identified a need to move to the Magento Enterprise Platform in order to be able to respond to new market challenges quickly and efficiently. Gymgrossisten made a decision to partner with Forbytes who could supply an experienced software development team from Lviv, Ukraine. There are currently four experienced engineers (three software engineers and one quality assurance engineer) in the team who have become an integral part of the main development team.

Tools we use in our collaboration

Slack for team-wide messaging and new feature deployment notifications

Skype for daily internal team meetings and catch ups

GitHub as a repository for features, documentation and for tracking issues

Jira for requirements management, project tracking and time estimates

Confluence for weekly progress reporting and maintaining the build road map

what we do with Gymgrossisten

What we do

Forbytes is involved in continuous enhancements and new features development of e-commerce solutions on the Magento Enterprise Platform and helps with the custom content management system.

The team is also involved in a number of smaller projects:

1. The Customer’s Loyalty program development that operates within all six stores and countries
banners management system using Akamai content delivery network
2. The internal project of data testing from the ERP system: the functionality which tests data transfer and synchronization with the business system.

Features Description

  • Exceptionally high customization level: numerous e-stores (including B2B solution) can be maintained in one place which makes it easier and faster to manage them.
  • Seamless integrations with all major third-party solutions: it can be easily deployed in any environment.

  • Advanced Shopping Experience: possibility to create personalized content, the ability to manage and create custom customer attributes and segmentation.
  • Advanced dynamic caching: enhances performance with caching of relevant content for all users using Akamai and Aptus eSales.

Client-partner’s testimonial

Fredrik Ahlen
CTO of Gymgrossisten

“Forbytes has done a very good job recruiting our resources. We’re a very picky group, but we’ve been given some excellent profiles. I wouldn’t have been able to find the same level of developers in Stockholm.”

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