The Trademax Group

Powering furniture and home decoration sales for the Trademax group

Trademax is a furniture retailer selling from online and physical shops with a focus on the Scandinavian market. Forbytes partnered with Trademax in 2012 when it was a family business. Since 2012 Trademax has significantly expanded. There are now five businesses operating under the Trademax group:

All these businesses operate off of a bespoke platform built in collaboration with Forbytes.

Technology Stack

  • Backend technologies: PHP 7, Laravel 5, Node.js
  • Frontend technologies & tools: ReactJS, Redux, ES6, SMACSS, SASS, Webpack, Gulp
  • DataBase: MariaDB, Redis
  • Recommendation and search engine: Apptus eSales
  • Continuous integration and delivery: TeamCity, Docker, Google cloud, Envoyer
  • Integrations with third party tools: InRiver PIM, Microsoft Navision ERP, Payment providers (Svea Economy, Paytrail), WMS system, POS terminals

Key product features

  • Easy to e-shop with the comprehensive product catalogue
  • Highly intuitive and responsive UI/UX design
  • All processes are highly automated
  • Instant delivery system
  • Recommendation engine

Forbytes partners with Trademax

How we work

Working closely with the CTO/Product Owner at Trademax, we have implemented a governance structure that gives senior management full control of the software development across all four businesses.

We plan and manage the portfolio of software development jobs based on input from Trademax’s management team. These include the maintenance and continuous enhancement work stream, project work stream and programme work stream.

With this governance structure in place, senior management are kept constantly informed of delivery dates and any important issues that affect the business.

Tools we use in our collaboration

Slack for team-wide messaging and new feature deployment notifications

Jira for requirements management, project tracking and time estimates

Skype for daily internal team meetings and catch ups

GitHub as a repository for features, documentation and for tracking issues

What we do with Trademax

What we do

We ensure that the businesses operational staff in sales, marketing, customer services and finance have the digital tools and features they need to do their work. We have dedicated personnel working on the user experience for both the end customers as well as employees.

We implement and maintain the integration between the different systems and physical locations to ensure there is a seamless flow of information.

The Forbytes team takes care of system architecture, user experience, requirements development and management, QA testing, front and back-end development, project management and portfolio planning.

Features Description

  • Easy to e-shop: comprehensive product catalogue, easy category navigation, customers management support, quick search box, secure payment gateway.
  • High Usability: highly intuitive and responsive UI/UX design that assures fast and easy interaction for the user with the online store.
  • Processes automation: sales, purchases and orders flow are fully-automated in system back office.

  • Instant delivery: products are delivered within 1-2 days due to all processes automation flow.
  • Performance: the system’s speed and performance significantly increased so it is possible to hold hundreds of orders simultaneously.
  • Featured products: the user is able to see recommended products list based on previous searches.

Client-partner’s testimonial

Thomas Andersson
CTO of Trademax

“We chose Forbytes as our software development partner due to their excellent service and commitment. Forbytes helps us with UX, front-end development and back-end development.”

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