Telic Minds

Smart and modern
hotel management system

Telic Minds uses the power of cutting-edge technologies to create a smart and comprehensive software start-up for the hotel management industry – Basil 365. It is designed for small to medium sized hotels to give hoteliers the capability to facilitate a great experience for their guests and maintain full control over the business processes.

Technology Stack

  • Server: NET Framework 4.6.2; Web API 2; ASP.NET MVC 5
  • DB: MS SQL; RavenDB
  • SinglePageApplication: jQuery; Knockout; Durandal; SignalR
  • Message Queue: NServiceBus
  • Technologies: CQRS; EventSourcing
  • UnitTesting/IntegrationTesting: NUnit; Selenium
  • Hosting: MS Azure
  • Continuous Integration: TeamCity.
  • Automate Deployment: Octopus Deployment (Blue/Green deployment)

Key product features

  • Advanced solution architecture
  • Integration with hundreds external booking channels
  • Integration with social networks
  • Accessible from different devices
  • Multiuser system with sophisticated and flexible permissions schemes
  • Ensures efficient information sharing between end users

how do we work with telic minds

How we work

Forbytes has been partnering with Telic Minds since 2012 to supply software engineering expertise. Since then, Forbytes’ developers have been collaborating closely with the Telic Minds Team providing them with UI/UX expertise together with frontend and backend development. Our client-partner leads project management and requirements development processes, working closely with the Forbytes Team.

Tools we use in our collaboration

Slack for team-wide messaging and new feature deployment notifications

GitHub as a repository for features, documentation and for tracking issues

Skype for daily internal team meetings and catch ups

what is telic minds about

What we do

Basil 365 is a high-performance modern SaaS solution developed utilising up-to-date .Net technology stack. The solution is scalable and designed to work from one to multiple independent hotels.

It is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which proved to be a great choice for flexible and reliable multi-environment hosting for development, testing, staging and production environments. The deployment process is automated so the new features can be deployed very quickly. Microsoft Azure also provides an advanced monitoring and diagnostic tool called Application Insights which we use to detect and debug issues, optimise performance and get statistics relating to performance.

Features Description

  • Hosting on Azure gives constant accessibility: The system, being in the cloud, is always accessible for the hotel management staff and can be used on any mobile device, computer or tablet at anytime.
  • Advanced solution architecture: New upgrades can easily be made so that system users can quickly take advantage of the latest innovations of Basil 365.
  • Integration with Channel Manager and different marketing tools: This feature makes it easy and flexible to integrate the hotel with numerous external booking channels. The Basil 365 transmits hotel data, synchronizes price lists and room availability so that management staff never miss an opportunity to sell a room.

  • Efficient information sharing between hotel staff: The reception receives information on room cleaning, availability and status, direct requests from the customer for changes/upgrades to their room bookings and other requests as well as updated accounting documents that can be exported.
  • Multiuser system with sophisticated and flexible permissions schemes: The system is available for an unlimited number of different users and supports different languages.
  • Automatic Backup: When something goes wrong there is always an opportunity to get back to the previous version without any data loss.

Client-partner’s testimonial

Martin Nilsson
CTO, Telic Minds AB

“In partnerіship with Forbytes, we have built a great technical solution, Hotel Management system running in the cloud. High test coverage and automated deployment make it a pleasure to release new versions, with confidence that all new features will not break the platform. We and Forbytes are one team and all people are treated equally. In this setup, Yuriy has been invaluable for us – without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today. The work Michael has done has also been invaluable – he has done a great job with the user design and interaction. We are looking forward to continuing the journey together with Forbytes.”

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