Rewind and Play

Game development

Rewind & Play is a Swedish start-up company, passionate about game development. The team decided they needed a professional development partner who could supply technical expertise and guide them on software development processes. In 2016, the collaboration between Rewind & Play and Forbytes started.

We have a senior .NET developer who believes developing games is the most exciting area of software development. This was a perfect opportunity for both Rewind & Play and Forbytes to work together, as we are about enjoying the work and the employees’ development.

Key highlights

  • Excellent communication channels
  • Clear understanding of the processes from the start
  • Fully responsive website
  • Responsive images
  • Custom plugin for text management
  • Quick and easy design implementation
  • Easy-to-maintain code

Technology Stack

  • Unity 3d
  • .NET
  • SqlLite
  • Git
  • Atlassian JIRA

how we work for rewind and play

How we work

We believe that effective communication and processes must be in place during any software product development.

Communication and processes matter. Together, Rewind & Play and Forbytes’ team implemented a simple communication strategy to ensure effective information sharing with timely and relevant feedback. We also used several of the agile processes for facilitating development of the product; including weekly planning sessions, daily stand-ups (via Skype) and progress reports using the road map to show what components are being worked on and which are completed.

Start with the end in mind and begin at the beginning. To understand what should be built, we started with designing a product diagram to break down the end product into its component parts. Based on the product breakdown structure we were able to decide which components would give most value early on.

Tools we use in our collaboration

Slack for team-wide messaging and new feature deployment notifications

Skype for daily internal team meetings and catch ups

Jira for requirements management, project tracking and time estimates

Confluence for weekly progress reporting and maintaining the build road map

Client-partner’s testimonial

Magnus Bergsten
Founder of Rewind & Play

“Forbytes took an interest in our business and wanted to build a relationship. They have e-commerce experience, which was important for managing our database and connecting us with one of the world’s largest resources related to the game’s subject”.

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