Driving online sales for children and baby products

Lekmer’s mission is to make online shopping simple and enjoyable. The online shop is very user-friendly, ensuring fast order delivery, secure payment methods and high-quality service for online customers. The Lekmer web shop is focused on popular children’s products and accessories, offering more than 1000 products from high-quality brands.

Forbytes helped Lekmer become the leading supplier of children’s and baby products in Scandinavia from 2011 to 2017 when Lekmer was purchased by Babyshop. The team was responsible for continuously maintaining a high level of performance and ensuring customer satisfaction and that the system keeps pace with market demands and technology changes.

Technology Stack

  • Backend technologies:.NET
  • Recommendation and search engine: Apptus eSales
  • Autodeploy: TeamCity, Octopus
  • Integration with third party tools: ERP system Pulsen-Harmoney, payment providers (Qliro, Maksuturva, Klarna, DIBS, iDeal)

Key product features

  • High performance
  • Ability to hold a non-linear orders loads
  • Cost-efficient platform improvement
  • Exceptional quality of a system

how we work for lekmer

How we work

The Lekmer technical team uses a distributed model of collaboration made up of Lekmer and Forbytes software engineers. Lekmer’s employees are based in Stockholm and Forbytes’ employees are located at the development center in Lviv, Ukraine.

Forbytes supplied specialist knowledge to set up the structure and processes needed to manage and deliver new software capability to the business departments. Based on this portfolio structure, Lekmer management were able to prioritise work and get the best use out of their development team.

A few times each year the Forbytes team worked from Lekmer’s offices in Stockholm, this enabled them to build personal relationships and understand what digital tools would make life easier and more productive for Lekmer staff.

Tools we use in our collaboration

Slack for team-wide messaging and new feature deployment notifications

Skype for daily internal team meetings and catch ups

Confluence for weekly progress reporting and maintaining the build road map

Jira for requirements management, project tracking and time estimates

Google Drive to save, share and edit documents in cloud

What we do

During our five years of partnership, Forbytes has been providing technical, project management, and software development expertise for Lekmer. As the customer does not have in-house backend development resource, we provide this service for them.

The cooperation started with the Forbytes’ team mostly involved in continuous enhancements and technical support for the online store. With technologies evolving, the need for platform optimisation arose. The team developed several integrations with different payment providers and with product search engines for e-commerce. In addition, they updated and improved the integration with the existing ERP system.

Features Description

  • Performance improvement:the online store registered 28.8 million site visits and received approximately 859 thousand orders in 2015 due to e-commerce platform performance improvement.
  • Exceptional Quality: the sophisticated system we developed and maintain, holds a balance between ordinary daily orders and 10 times denser orders. Forbytes Team of technically-advanced software engineers is able to manage it using the same set of resources.

  • Costs efficiency:when cost saving was a crucial point for our Customer the Forbytes Team managed to significantly improve the e-commerce platform without any additional resources.
  • Ability to hold a non-linear orders loads: during high orders’ peaks the system manages to hold tens of thousands of orders daily and more than 10 000 unique users concurrently.

Client-partner’s testimonial

Patric Palmefjord

“Lekmer partnered with Forbytes in 2011 to develop and maintain our on-line sales channel across the Nordic region. The Forbytes team is talented, reliable and gives a high level of service and excellence. If you are looking for a nearshoring partner to help you with your e-commerce solution, I can strongly recommend Forbytes”.

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