UI and UX design services

With the use of good UI/UX, it is possible to enhance the layout, functionality and design of a site to ensure it drives customer satisfaction.

User interface design (UI) relates to the look, feel, presentation and interactivity of the product. User experience (UX) then optimizes the interactivity and flow by using evidence-based research to combine business and user needs to create the best possible experience.

As consumers, we have all come to expect products which are user friendly and appealing. This means taking UI/UX into consideration at the early stages of development is crucial. A customer visiting a website wants to feel like it is simple to navigate and like they instantly feel comfortable doing so. When this is not the case, it causes frustration and is likely to result in customers looking elsewhere.

Benefits to implementing
UI/UX Designs

  • why implement UX at the beginning

    Implement UX early to prevent usability issues and costly redesigns.

  • simple ui ux products usage

    Create products that people want to use because they are intuitive and simple.

  • conversion rates

    Increase conversion rates through more site interaction and customers getting to know your brand.

  • costs saveings

    Save costs on resources by encouraging self-service.

  • SEO improvement

    Improve your SEO rating and increase organic search results.

  • customer retention

    Ensure excellent customer retention and maximise your bottom line.

User experience on new or
existing software solutions

use ui ux internally with forbytes
Implementing UX on new solutions
UX is based on user analysis and the understanding of human psychology and behaviour when interacting online.
Using UX to improve existing solutions
A usability assessment is carried out on the existing website to uncover the most common problems and begin the process of making changes and carrying out tests. From here, those changes which deliver the desired results can be built upon.

How we’ve adopted
a working UI/UX process

ui ux working process in forbytes

  • Research
    Identify the best possible way to get your end users to interact with your product.
  • Information Design
    Highlight the structure and organisation of the information you want to present to your audience.
  • Interaction Design
    Design using wireframes or prototypes followed by user testing and feedback.
  • Visual Design
    Graphic Designer collaborates with the UX expert to ensure the product is visually pleasing and functional.
  • Front-end Development
    Build the client facing product according to the designs and wireframes.
  • Back-end Development
    Build the back-end of your software solution.

Guide your users and create a lasting impression.

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