UI and UX design services

Any business reaching their customers over the web must take the user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX) in to account. 


Your customers expect your digital products to be user friendly and appealing.   They expect to be able to order physical products from webshops in a smooth and simple way.  Users are more likely to engage if the technology you use is intuitively easy to navigate.  Optimising your systems using UI/UX can give you an advantage over your competitors, increase productive traffic to your site or ensure that your applications are used more often.

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UI relates to the look, feel, presentation and interactivity of your product. UX optimizes the interactivity and flow of your product by applying processes and enhancements that have ​evidence-based research​​​ behind them.

The ideal is to take UI/UX is in to consideration in the ​early stages of development​​​. UI/UX will give insights in to how you can serve the needs of your customer audience in a better way. Neglecting this aspect when working on websites, software and technology will ultimately result in user experience failures, customers bouncing from your site without purchasing or staff frustration with your business software tools.

Engaged customers means greater profitability. Engaged staff means greater productivity.

There are many advantages to implementing UI/UX principles including:

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Avoiding UI/UX pitfalls early in the design process, thereby reducing the risk of costly redesigns.

UI UX user interfac user experience Create products that people want to use because they are intuitive and simple

Creating products that people want to use because they are intuitive and simple, increasing your profitability.

UI UX user experience user interface Increase conversion rates through more site interaction and customers getting to know your brand

Allowing higher conversion rates with more site interaction and customers getting to know your brand more easily.

UI UX user interface user experience Save costs on resources by encouraging self-service

Encouraging self-service by customers, so you can save costs on resources.

UI UX user experience user interface Improve your SEO rating and increase organic search results

Improving your SEO rating and organic search results, helping customers find your brand more easily.

UI UX user interface user experience Ensure excellent customer retention and maximise your bottom line

Maximizing your turnover and your bottom line by helping ensure excellent customer retention.

Our UI/UX service

The Forbytes UI/UX service helps you guide your users and create a lasting impression on your customer base. Our highly skilled and qualified staff are able to assist at all stages in the UI/UX process. For new solutions we will base our recommendations on user analysis and the understanding of human psychology and behaviour when interacting online.

We follow a six-step process:

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The identification of the best possible ways to get your end users to interact with your product.

Information design

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Highlight the structure and organization of the information you want to present to your audience.

Interaction design

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Design using wireframes or prototypes followed by user testing and feedback.

Visual design

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Graphic Designer collaborates with the UX expert to ensure the product is visually pleasing and functional.

Front-end development

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Build the client facing product according to the designs and wireframes.

Back-end development

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Build the back-end of your software solution.

In this way your product is built in the most cost-effective manner, and should deliver early and consistent results to give you confidence in your product’s performance.

Usability Assessment

For existing solutions we have the possibility to carry out a usability assessment on your digital tool.  This will indicate the most significant problem areas or areas for improvement – or both.  


The assessment is based on our combined experience over a variety of clients indifferent industry areas, as well as the knowledge of our UI/UX staff who engage in many cross-industry workshops and continuous development activities.  We base the assessment on AIDA and ACCA principles, as well as cognitive and persuasive psychology principles– all of which are research and evidence based.


Once the assessment is complete we can discuss how the prioritized improvements can be best implemented – using Forbytes resources is obviously an option!

Contact us​​​ to find out more about our usability assessment service.

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