Trademax: Custom Enterprise Multistore
E-Commerce Solution


Business Challenge: To design and deliver a high-quality and fully automated eCommerce solution to increase sales across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
Industry: Furniture, Accessories and Appliances, eCommerce, Retail.


Trademax is a Swedish online retailer focused on selling furniture and home decorations to the Scandinavian market. Forbytes’ partnership started with the Company in 2012 when Trademax had approximately 20-25 permanent employees and had a need of 2 software engineers to work with developing the custom eCommerce web platform using PHP and ReactJS. Today Trademax employs over 180 people in Sweden and has a dedicated software development team working out of our offices in Lviv. The team currently consists of 8 highly-qualified Software Engineers, a UI/UX Expert (who also doubles up as a Frontend Engineer), one tester and 2 QA Engineers.

Trademax was founded in 2008 and has been dynamically growing, by around 35% annually, since our cooperation started. This is the kind of organisation that Forbytes aims to work with, they have a clear focus in their business, working closely with the team at Forbytes to deliver the digital solutions needed by the business.

trademaxSolution Description

Trademax decided to increase the capacity of their e-commerce solution due to the dynamic growth of its business. The Company owns three e-commerce stores for different types of products and various markets. Forbytes is fully responsible for maintaining the e-commerce system for all three stores. This is a successful partnership which ensures the highest level of trust and delivery between the Team and the Customer. Forbytes is responsible for the full-cycle development of the solution, in particular:

– New features investigation and improvements research

– Solution architecture development

– Administrative website support for the purpose of backend processes control

– Server-side support: servers configuration, servers load control

– Processes automation development and improvement

– Quality control and quality assurance

– Technical support

The highlight of the project is that the process of the orders flow is completely automated, thus enabling the delivery of products to the end customer within 1-2 days. It makes Trademax famous for the fastest delivery in Sweden.

Key Project Features

  • Easy to e-shop: comprehensive product catalogue, easy category navigation, customers management support, quick search box, secure payment gateway
  • Usability: Highly intuitive and responsive UI/UX design that assures fast and easy interaction for the user with the online store
  • Processes automation: sales, purchases and orders flow are fully-automated in system back office
  • Instant delivery: products are delivered within 1-2 days due to all processes automation flow
  • Performance: the system’s speed and performance significantly increased so it is possible to hold hundreds of orders simultaneously
  • Featured products: the user is able to see recommended products list based on previous searches.

Technology Stack

  • Backend technologies: PHP 7, Laravel 5, Redis cache, node.js
  • Frontend technologies & tools: React JS, Redux, ES6, smacss,SASS, webpack gulp
  • DataBase: Mysql MariaDB
  • Recommendation and search engine: Apptus eSales
  • Continuous integration: TeamCity
  • Integrations with third party tools: ERP system Microsoft Navision, Payment providers (Klarna, PayEx), WMS system, POS terminals.

Partner’s Testimonial

“We chose Forbytes as our software development partner starting with 2 developers. Due to the excellent service and commitment we have now expanded the team. Forbytes helps us with UX, frontend development and backend development.”

– Thomas Andersson, CTO of Trademax