Game Development in Unity 3d
and .NET C# programming languages

Rewind & Play is a Swedish start-up company passionate about game development. The team decided they needed a professional development partner who could supply technical expertise and guide them on software development processes. In 2016 the collaboration between Rewind & Play and Forbytes started. We have a Senior .NET developer who believes developing games is the coolest thing any developer can do. This was a perfect opportunity for both Rewind & Play and Forbytes to work together, as we are about enjoying the work and the employees’ development.

How we work

We believe that effective communication and processes must be in place during any software product development.

Communication and processes matter. Together, Rewind & Play and Forbytes’ team implemented a simple communication strategy to ensure effective information sharing with timely and relevant feedback. We also used several of the agile processes for facilitating development of the product; including weekly planning sessions, daily stand-ups (via Skype) and progress reports using the road map to show what components are being worked on and which are completed.

Start with the end in mind and begin at the beginning. To understand what would be built we started with designing a product diagram to break down the end product into its component parts. Based on the product breakdown structure we were able to decide which components would give most value early on. From the product breakdown structure we created a high-level build road map for the product development. The team was then able to start defining detailed requirements for the components to be built first. We set up the processes in order to follow a key principle of effective software development: “Start with the end in mind and begin at the beginning”. Using this concept, the team is able to learn and continuously improve the end product while maintain control on scope and delivery times.

In summary, the following tools are used in this project:

  • Jira to manage detailed requirements
  • JIRA Kanban board to monitor tickets for development and testing
  • Confluence for weekly progress reporting and maintaining the build road map
  • Video conference tools for daily stand-ups
  • Slack for team wide messaging.

The development team comprises of Rewind & Play partners who have brought in one Unity expert and one senior software engineer from Forbytes, who is a skilled .NET software engineer with a strong mathematical background, in-depth knowledge of C# and expertise in system architecture along with knowledge of Unity 3d. The CEO of Forbytes acts as a project management coach, helping to transfer knowledge and expertise to the Rewind & Play team.

Key Project Features

  • Design and implementation of the database
  • Import of game baseline data into the game database.
  • Design and implementation of game logic.
  • Work closely with the Unity developer.
  • The game can be played on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
  • Transferring knowledge and coaching in a management of product development
  • Coaching on the use of effective communication strategies

Technology Stack

  • Unity 3d
  • .Net
  • SqlLite
  • Git
  • Atlassian JIRA

Partner’s testimonial

Forbytes took an interest in our business and wanted to build a relationship. They have e-commerce experience, which was important for managing our database and connecting us with one of the world’s largest resources related to the game’s subject

– Magnus Bergsten, Founder of Rewind & Play