Portfolio Management

A well-managed software development portfolio can offer a wide range of benefits. 

Financial control, increased delivery of business value from software development and more effective delivery of projects - just to name a few.

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Forbytes Portfolio Management service can help you:

Make sure you have everything covered

Planning and delivering projects in semi isolation from other projects leads to omissions that will severely impact on your business.

Forbytes portfolio management ensures that your mix of software development projects is sufficient to achieve the desired contribution to business objectives.

Reduce duplication of work, waste and frustration

Developing software on an ad-hoc basis ends up either duplicating work or completely missing out on important functionality.

Forbytes portfolio management helps you to have an overview of all the requests for new features, functions and tools across your organisation. With this information we are able to rationalise what is being asked for, identify duplicate/overlapping requests and build solutions that are available to all who need them.

Open plan office software development project teams

Use limited resources where they give the biggest impact

Keep a balance between the work that needs to be done and the people you have to do the work.

Only do what is necessary to realise your objectives

Make sure that all software development initiatives are necessary to achieving your desired contribution to the company’s strategic objectives.

Manage your costs

Make sure the selected software projects & change initiatives are delivered effectively and cost-efficiently.

Realise all potential benefits

If you cannot realise the benefits you are seeking, then there is no point in developing the solution.

This is where our close collaboration with client-partners pays off. By understanding what benefits you are looking for first, we are able to advise on the mix of projects and smaller improvements that will enable you to realise those benefits. 

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