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​​A hotel management system for all seasons

Telic Minds is the brain behind the hotel management system Basil 365. ​During peak seasons the hotel business easily becomes chaotic, something which Telic Minds intends to put an end to. Their aim is to provide hoteliers with a smart and comprehensive software program to easily maintain control ​of small to medium sized hotels.

While Telic Minds had the ideas, they didn't have enough software engineering expertise. They needed a reliable software development partner who could turn their idea into a reality. In 2012 they partnered with Forbytes who provided the missing pieces required to get this startup up and running.  

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Client-partner's testimonial

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Martin Nilsson
CTO, Telic Minds AB

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"In partnership with Forbytes, we have built a great technical solution - a hotel management system running in the cloud. High test coverage and automated deployment make it a pleasure to release new versions, with confidence that all new features will not break the platform."

​Organisation and compatibility

From the very beginning Basil 365 was intended to assist hoteliers with the business process of running a hotel. However, it was also important that the solution was scalable and designed to work for not just one but multiple independent hotels. The hotel management system would not only make life easier for the hoteliers, but it would also provide an even greater experience for their guests.  

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​Technology used

Tools used

Key highlights
  • ​Advanced solution architecture
  • Integration with hundreds of external booking channels
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    ​Integration with social networks
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    ​Accessible from different devices
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    ​Multiuser system with sophisticated and flexible permission schemes
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    ​Ensures efficient information sharing between end users
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