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Rewind & Play is a young Swedish game company and they are passionate about game development. Their current game project is a hockey manager game developed in Unity.

Though they possess the enthusiasm and a lot of the necessary skills required to develop ​their hockey manager simulator, they came to realize that they could use an assist to ensure that their game lived up to its potential. ​The start-up company needed a game development partner who could not only supply technical expertise but also guide them through the software development process. 

In 2016, the collaboration between Rewind & Play and Forbytes started. The game studio was paired up with one of our senior .NET developers who believes that developing games is the most exciting area of software development. We are happy to report that the match has proven to be a victory for both parties.

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Client-partner's testimonial

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Magnus Bergsten

​Founder of Rewind & Play

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​"Forbytes took an interest in our business and wanted to build a relationship. They have e-commerce experience, which was important for managing our database and connecting us with one of the world’s largest resources related to the game’s subject."

​Game development partner and more

We know that game development is no easy task to take on. It requires a wide range of skills, thoroughness, and patienceScope creep has been the death knell for many a game and organizing the tasks that need doing is a project in its own right. Because of this it ​was important that the whole team had a clear understanding of what the process ​would involve and what the end goal for their hockey manager game ​was from the very beginning. ​​

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​Technology used

Tools used

Key highlights
  • Excellent communications channels
  • Clear understanding of the process from the start
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    ​Full design system architecture
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    ​Advanced game AI
  • stop
    ​Effective algorithmic solutions
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    ​Performance optimization
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    ​Easy-to-maintain code
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