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North European Trust AB was founded in 2005 and grew quickly. Today they are one of the leading Swedish ​leisure vehicle retailers. They separate themselves from the competitors by delivering their products to your door. North European Trust provides not only motorcycles, electric bicycles, and mopeds, but also a wide range of spare parts. Additionally, they have their own brand, Viarelli, which has grown very popular. Indeed, close to a fifth of all new mopeds sold in Sweden are Viarelli mopeds.

North European Trust has four webshops in Scandinavia together with over 100 retailers and two ​stores of their own:

Forbytes had a small consultancy role for North European Trust at first, but the cooperation began in earnest during the autumn of 2016. Our team ensures that the Magento platform​ provides North European Trust with a reliable e-commerce store. The current e-store has certainly served them well, but as the company has grown the need to update the site has become apparent. The process of moving the e-store to the Magento 2 platform began in 2018​.

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​Changes, improvements, and upgrades

North European Trust's goal is to provide their customers with a positive experience and a reliable retailer. Therefore it is our goal to make sure that they meet these goals online just as well as in the physical stores. The cooperation worked smoothly, but 2018 brought with it the need for change. Not only ​did Magento begin to phase out Magento 1, but GDPR​ came into effect and businesses had to adapt.  

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​Technology used

Tools used

Key highlights
  • ​B2B and B2C
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    Multiple sites run on the same platform
  • ​Payments via Trustly, Resursbank, and Paynova payment providers
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    ​Advertisement enhancements via AddWish
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    ​Newsletter management via MailChimp
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    ​Customer support via Freshdesk
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    ​GDPR compliance
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