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Lekmer's mission is to make online shopping for children's products simple and enjoyable. When building their online toy store the goal was to make it user-friendly, ensure fast order delivery, secure payment methods and high-quality service for online customers. Today the Lekmer web shop  is focused on providing popular children's products and they offer more than 1000 products from high-quality brands.  

Forbytes helped Lekmer become the leading supplier of children's and baby products in Scandinavia from 2011 to 2017, when Lekmer was purchased by Babyshop. The team was responsible for maintaining the online store's continuously high level of performance. The focus lay on ensuring customer satisfaction and that the system kept pace with market demands and new technological developments.  
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Patric Palmefjord

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"Lekmer partnered with Forbytes in 2011 to develop and maintain our online sales channel across the Nordic region. The Forbytes team is talented, reliable and gives a high level of service and excellence. If you are looking for a nearshoring partner to help you with your e-commerce solution, I can strongly recommend Forbytes."

​Ensuring stability during peak seasons

Most companies experience seasonal changes in the demand for their products. Peak seasons can be a demanding period for staff and suppliers in physical stores, but even e-commerce stores experience the stress as the number of potential customers increase drastically. As visitors have little patience with pages that load slowly and easy access to the competition it is important that web shops can handle the pressure.  

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Key highlights
  • ​Significant performance improvement
  • ​High system quality
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    ​Ability to hold non-linear order loads
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    ​Cost-efficient platform improvement
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