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Brainspin is a Utah-based studio dedicated to bringing digital marketing and software ideas to life. The digital marketing agency is made up by a talented group of pro-active individuals with a wide range of skills, from website design to large and complex animation projects.

In 2016, the President of Brainspin contacted Forbytes as they had need of our website development services. They had an e-commerce project and a tight deadline. ​Because of this they needed a skilled frontend developer to strengthen their existing team, and we were ​happy to come to the rescue.

Forbytes client-partner Brainspin delivers digital marketing and software

Client-partner's testimonial

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Alonzo Green
Project Manager at Brainspin

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​"We found Forbytes’ code to be uniform throughout the website’s structure. They maintained regular communications and meetings to make sure everything was going well. The team was easy to work with. They took the time to get to know us at Brainspin and understand our business."

​Putting the digital pieces together

A deadline loomed in the not so distant future from the very beginning of the project. Because of this it was essential that both the in-house team and the offshore dedicated developer not only worked hard but also efficiently. Both Brainspin and Forbytes agreed that in order to successfully complete the project in the allotted time the focus had to lie on communication.  

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​Technology used

Tools used

Key highlights
  • Excellent communications channels
  • Clear understanding of the process from the start
  • ​Fully responsive website
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    Responsive images
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    ​Custom plugin for text management
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    ​Quick and easy design implementation
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    ​Easy-to-maintain code
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