Minimum viable product development

“How can I find out if my idea is worth pursuing?”
Instead of spending time, money and energy creating a finished product that may not be suitable for the market, ask yourself what you can do with the least amount of resource to get the biggest impact.

By creating an MVP, you distill your initial idea into the minimum set of features that will allow you to assess its viability in the marketplace. Your aim is to build the smallest MVP possible to allow you to gather the key information you need about how best to proceed.

Benefits to developing an MVP

  • MVP get quick feedback
    Quick feedback regarding the development of your concept.
  • MVP get info with the help of prototypes
    Information about your customer’s expectations with interactive prototypes.
  • MVP resources for idea validation
    Minimal resources required while still validating your idea for the end user.

The MVP development process

mvp development process scheme in Forbytes

Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) makes it much quicker to test and validate a hypothesis based on evidence. Let the evidence whether the direction you are going in should be pursued, refined, or abandoned.
In order to create an MVP, we recommend that you follow a five-step process through which key elements of your concept will be highlighted. This allows a SWOT analysis to be performed early in the process before any larger investments are made.
  • DiscoveryPinpoint and clearly define the capability or need that you are trying to solve. This will make testing your concept more effective.
  • DesignDevelop wireframes, technical designs, creative designs and requirements documentation to determine which functionality will deliver what you need.
  • DevelopBegin to define your solution around the minimum set of required features. Our approach of agile development saves time and allows quick delivery.
  • MeasureAs soon as your MVP has been launched, you can observe how your end users interact with your product through their behaviours and feedback.
  • Identify changesThe development team will make any improvements to your product based of customer feedback and your vision of the end product.
  • The LoopThe loop between all phases continues until you either have a product that is approved for further development, or you take the decision to drop the MVP concept.

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How we work

Developing your MVP
into a full solution

Developing your MVP into a full solution with Forbytes
At Forbytes, we enjoy working in partnerships to create new and exciting software solutions that make a difference. We are passionate about bringing your ideas to life.
Having an MVP will give you the chance to improve your software product and avoid wasting resources on unnecessary features. When your MVP proves successful, you can continue the process of developing it into a complete solution.
We can help you with this in the following ways:
  • We take away the complexities of dealing with technical issues, leaving you to concentrate on developing your business ideas.
  • We combine excellent technical expertise with efficient processes which are tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Our experienced software engineers provide you with continuous support, offering advice and guidance throughout development.

Success is learning from
failure and being creative.

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