AI-Driven Product Recommendation System from Magento

Yaroslav Ketsman Content Writer
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Product Recommendation System with AI from Magento preview
Product Recommendation System with AI from Magento preview

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, both people and businesses have to adapt to the situation that has occurred. Since brick-and-mortar shops are becoming less of an option for shopping, more and more consumers turn to online stores. As the number of potential clients increases, eCommerce businesses look for ways to make the shopping experience on their website as smooth as possible. One of such ways is, without a doubt, an intelligent product recommendation system.

If you own a Magento online store – you are in luck. The platform has recently released a Product recommendation system powered by their Artificial Intelligence – Adobe Sensei. The system brings various benefits that eCommerce businesses can take advantage of:

  • Shopping experience powered by AI. The AI analyzes tons of shopping behavior data and allows you to produce accurate product recommendations. Besides helping to create a personalized shopping experience for every customer, it also frees up the time you would have to spend doing all of this manually.
  • 9 types of recommendations to choose from. The product recommendation system automatically creates lists for your customers. However, you can also choose what kind of lists it creates. There are 9 types in total, such as Recommended for you, More Like This, Trending, Most Purchased, Viewed and Bought, etc.
  • Convenient user interface and smooth workflow. The system comes with a very convenient user interface that provides a clear and simple workflow. Merchants always have access to the data they need to easily create product lists for their customers.

In addition to all of this, Magento Product recommendation system automatically tags all of your pages and synchronizes the catalog. This, in turn, ensures that everything is deployed accurately and saves both time and effort for the merchant.

However, probably the best part about this Product recommendation system is that it is completely free on the Magento marketplace. The only requirement is to run your online store on Magento 2.3 or higher. If you need help updating your Magento store, or starting a brand new one, please contact us! Our Magento developers can add the system to your online store and make any other customizations that you need.

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