International E-Commerce Solution
for Enjoyable Online Shopping

Lekmer is one of the biggest online toy stores for children’s and baby products in Scandinavia. Its mission is to make online shopping simple and enjoyable. The online shop is very user-friendly, ensuring fast order delivery, secure payment methods and high-quality service for online customers. The Lekmer web shop is focused on popular children products and accessories, offering more than a 1000 products from high-quality brands and its quantity and purchases constantly grow.

To ensure that the e-commerce website is always up and performing efficiently, Lekmer partnered with Forbytes in 2011.  The team is responsible for continuously maintaining a high level of performance and ensuring customer satisfaction and the system keeps pace with market demands and technology changes.

How we work

The Lekmer technical team uses a distributed model of collaboration made up of Lekmer and Forbytes software engineers. Lekmer’s employees are based in Stockholm and Forbytes’ employees are located at the development center in Lviv, Ukraine. Processes have been put in place to facilitate effective communication and feedback between the business and development team. The development team collocates a couple of times a year to build personal relationships. Having the developers from Forbytes work in Stockholm enables them to get a much better understanding of the Lekmer culture and business needs.  This is important as it enables the developers to contribute more in the discussions as to which technical solutions will deliver the best customer experience and the most appropriate capability to the business.

What we do for Lekmer

During our 5 years of partnership, Forbytes has been providing technical, project management, and software development expertise for Lekmer. As the Customer does not have in-house backend development resources, we have taken care of all backend / database development.

The cooperation started with the Forbytes’ Team mostly involved in continuous enhancements and technical support for the online store. With technologies evolving, the need for platform optimization arose. The Team developed several integrations with different payment providers, with product search engines for e-commerce, as well as updated and improved the integration with the existing ERP system.

With the improvement in sales over the past few years, it became apparent that the performance capability of the system needed to be upgraded. The Team have worked on enhancing both speed and stability by improving the architecture, and structure of the cache, normalizing behavior in the platform, revamping data management and making improvements to the template engine. This upgrade has resulted in Lekmer having no downtime over the black Friday weekend and Christmas buying period which was a critically important period for the business. On Black Friday evening (2016) the system handled over tens of thousands of orders.

Key Project Features

  • Performance improvement: the online store registered 28.8 million site visits and received approximately 859 thousand orders in 2015 due to e-commerce platform performance improvement.
  • Ability to hold a non-linear orders loads: during high orders’ peaks the system manages to hold tens of thousands of orders daily and more than 10 000 unique users concurrently.
  • Costs efficiency: when cost saving was a crucial point for our Customer the Forbytes Team managed to significantly improve the e-commerce platform without any additional resources.
  • Exceptional Quality: the sophisticated system we developed and maintain, holds a balance between ordinary daily orders and 10 times denser orders. Forbytes Team of technically-advanced software engineers is able to manage it using the same set of resources.

Technology Stack

  • Backend technologies: .NET
  • Recommendation and search engine: Apptus eSales
  • Autodeploy: TeamCity, Octopus
  • Integration with third party tools: ERP system Pulsen-Harmoney, payment providers (Qliro, Maksuturva, Klarna, DIBS, iDeal)

Partner’s Testimonial

“Lekmer partnered with Forbytes in 2011 to develop and maintain our on-line sales channel across the Nordic region. The Forbytes team is talented, reliable and gives a high level of service and excellence. If you are looking for a Nearshoring partner to help you with your e-Commerce solution I can strongly recommend Forbytes”.

– Patric Palmefjord, Co-Founder, Partner & CTO of LEKMER