How we work


After our initial contact we will spend time understanding what business challenges you are facing at a high level.  This will be done from both the business and the technical point of view and may require more than one meeting between representatives from Forbytes and product owners from your organization.  Our aim is to understand who our main points of contacts would be and gain a broad understanding for what your business requires from our service offerings; all in order to provide you with the most relevant quotation possible for our services which will help avoid surprises in the longer term.

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Due diligence carried out at this stage will also determine if your organization has the capability to manage the outsourced technical team from a project leadership point of view.  This is one area where our experience indicates that some organisations overestimate their capacity to manage software projects, and it is an area where we can provide highly qualified expertise.  

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference."

Joel Barker


As we swap ideas we will come closer to forming a framework agreement that will outline the team structure, the key deliverables at a top level and the framework of costs anticipated.


Our rates are determined by the make-up of the team you need for the specific type of task you have, which is why we need to spend time initially to really understand what needs to be done, and by when, to give an accurate costing for you to use.  The quality and experience we deliver ensures as few errors, reworks and false starts as possible: all with the aim of shortening the development cycle without compromising quality and without incurring future additional costs for you.  Our current, long-term clients are all convinced Forbytes delivers solutions appropriate for their business AND value for money.


To reduce the time and effort required by you, Forbytes manages and takes care of the following activities and costs:

  • recruiting and interviewing candidates for the team
  • HR management
  • appraisals
  • stop
    continuous professional development planned in conjunction with our client-partners
  • recruiting costs
  • employment costs
  • salaries and national/social insurance
  • stop
    sick days
  • stop
    office and overhead costs (incl. computer, desk & chair, office space hire, electricity)

To deliver a successful project, or to build a long-termrelationship there are a few additional resources that you should consider, all of which will be discussed prior to concluding the agreement:

  • our team must have a speaking partner, aka Product Owner at the client-partner site
  • the Forbytes team, or the project management, business analyst and more senior members of the team will need to spend time at regular intervals at the client-partner site(s).This travel cost is negotiated separately and often on an ad hoc basis once the project is in full swing
  • we expect the Product Owner to occasionally travel to our site in the Ukraine to meet their team in situ.

This list is not exhaustive but perhaps helps to indicate how much we value the partnership being developed between our client-partners and Forbytes.  Our aim is to remove any uncertainty for you, so you can be confident that your budget will hold.  We also need to make sure there is an understanding of which trigger events would result in additional team members being needed or  a change in the skillsets required.

How we work work processes agreement partnership contract
How we work work processes agreement partnership
How we work work processes agreement partnership discussion working together


Once we have an agreed framework we will draw up a contract. This will stipulate deliverables, payment terms, termination clauses and all the general terms and conditions for our cooperation with you.


Once the contract is signed it will be time to get down to the real work!


At this stage we will already have started looking for appropriate candidates for your team, and it is now that we set about employing those team members that will be your dedicated team.  Alternatively we will find the resources for the shorter-term project teams.  You will have a chance to interview a shortlist of candidates so you can be sure team members will fit with your company culture and provide the necessary skills you are looking for.  All of this is administered by Forbytes, so you can focus on your day-to-day business activities.

Discovery & Design Process

Many software design projects are not so precisely defined that we can begin working on them directly.  This is not unusual and for these cases we will run a Discovery and Design Process.  This will entail a period of time where our experts will work closely with your product owner(s) to more specifically determine what needs to be delivered, and therefore which team roles and skills are needed.  More often than not, this process step is needed for one-off projects such as designing an application.


The Discovery and Design Process is run a little like a mini project and will result in a much firmer and more accurate quotation for the overall work your company requires.  An additional advantage of this stage of our relationship with you is that there is a much higher probability that we will be able to give you accurate timelines for accomplishment of the deliverables.

Ongoing work

Ongoing work with our client partners using the customer dedicated teams service (and our project team model) follows a process that focuses on quality.


Quality Assurance (QA) is integrated from the initial discovery phase right through to final acceptance. In the initial design phase, workshops are held to go through the proposed solution with the client-partner product owner(s) and other users to make sure that there is a common understanding of what capability is needed by the business. 


During development, work is broken up into work packages/sprints of 2 to 4 weeks. Each item of work goes through the following stages:

  • developers develop and test their work
  • professional ​testers​​​ then validate that the code works as required and carry out regression testing
  • client-partner users then carry out ​acceptance testing​​​ of the functionality delivered. This is to ensure it delivers the capability they need to do their work.

The result is that you can be sure you will receive a quality result that suits your business needs, is delivered on time and to budget.

MVP Focus

By creating a minimal viable product, an MVP, you distill your initial idea into the minimum set of features that will allow you to assess its viability in the marketplace. The aim is to build the smallest MVP possible to allow you to gather the key information you need about how best to proceed.

Instead of spending time, money, and energy creating a finished product that may not be suitable for the market, we work with you to develop a basic application that uses the least amount of resource to get the biggest impact.

This has the benefits of using minimal resources to give you rapid feedback on your development concept whilst allowing customers to give feedback on interactive prototypes. The return on an investment for an MVP development is high.

An MVP can be adjusted and developed in to a full-blown application dependent on the feedback received. During the initial framework agreement discussions we can decide together on a plan that suits your organization, your budget and your project. Together we can determine if an MVP process should be part of that plan.

Reporting and Communication

A key success factor for Forbytes and for our client partners is our reporting and communication process whilst we are working together. All work items are itemized and prioritized in standard project management tools, but each individual item/story is also recorded in ​JIRA​​​®. We share the overview of the work items with your product owner, and our team leader will have daily contact to discuss work-flows. At any stage you have access to the communication tools and can ensure you are as up to date with progress as you wish or need to be.


Any source code the Forbytes team develops on your behalf belongs to you. If you decide in the future that Forbytes is no longer the right partner for your company then you are perfectly entitled to take the code internally or to another provider of services.

Our client-partner dedicated teams normally take care of on-going maintenance of deployed software, as well as implementing new improvements.

If you choose to use our project delivery service, then we can also make an agreement to continue to support the maintenance after the termination of the project.

To find out how Forbytes can help your business specifically, contact us or have a look at the other services offered by Forbytes.