Making change happen in a company is a challenge. Adjustments in how the company works need to be structured, integrated with other business functions and contribute to the forward momentum of the company. Good governance needs to be implemented and the changes need to be delivered in the shortest possible time to reduce waste, eliminate overload and begin the return on investment as quickly as possible. The changes need to be scalable and ensure the company is sustainable in the short and longer term.

All of this has to happen whilst daily business transactions must be safeguarded to meet income targets and keep the company trading.

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Forbytes offers you the possibility to supplement your team with an outsourced service for software development and maintenance. In essence we become a dedicated in-house team, just outsourced. To make best use of these additional human resources, indeed to make best use of any limited resource, it is often helpful to look at the work structure and break it down in to: Portfolios, Programmes and Projects.

"It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things."


Portfolio organisation

Portfolios are permanent organisational structures that enable a systems approach, in which transformational initiatives(programmes and projects) can be prioritised and managed.  This is the umbrella organization that oversees and prioritises all the digitalization needs of the organization for example.


The portfolio organisation makes sure that you initiate and deliver the right programmes or projects at the right time, in terms of the whole organisation’s needs. This ensures that your business receives an optimal return on limited resources.

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One key benefit derived from the investment insetting up a portfolio organisation, is the retention of knowledge that can be used across the organisation.  This knowledge retention is a key component of our ​Customer Dedicated Team​​​ model as we know that retaining business knowledge and enhancing it with continuous education and development is both expensive and time consuming for companies.  Your organization can benefit from our track record of retaining our people without needing to invest in your own internal retention and training programmes for example.


Within an overall portfolio there will be programme and project organisations.

Programme organisation

Programme organisations are temporary, comprising of multiple projects and activities. The management will ensure that the right projects and activities are done at the correct time, in order to deliver the needed results.

Programmes focus on achieving strategic outcomes and realising benefits based on the capability delivered by its component projects. The programme organisation and the programme manager in particular, are responsible for developing and maintaining the programme environment to support each individual project within it.

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Project organisation

Projects are temporary and focus on how and when to deliver outputs that give a specific capability. This capability is then used by operational departments to achieve outcomes and realise benefits.

They can be run as separate organisations or as sub-organisations to a programme.

Project, programme and portfolio organisations are useful structures for any size of organisation that implements change initiatives. They can be used in strategic business planning, resource management, financial control, IT service management or organizational development.

Forbytes has used these approaches in smaller, ten people companies as well as companies with hundreds of employees. These structures improve the flow of value and communication, and maximise the value delivered in the shortest possible time. They reduce waste and eliminate potential overload so you can focus on what is important to the rest of the business.

At Forbytes we focus on digital change initiatives, where we have a very successful track record. Our business experience and the skills we have built up in our teams are there to help you achieve the greatest return on investment possible, with minimal risk and inconvenience to you and your colleagues.