Agile methodology for software projects

The Forbytes project methodology for software development is agile and focuses on delivering smart solutions.
We use simple, well-defined agile concepts and processes which give our client-partners full control throughout the project.
The four core processes within our methodology are:
  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deliver


woman writing down ideas on whiteboard
The discovery process is centered around gathering information, starting with the expected benefits and measurable outcomes which need to be achieved. Understanding each area of the digital solution in detail is key in making sure that the project gets off to a successful start.
Workshops are used to break down the digital solution into detailed deliverables, and from here, a product breakdown structure and roadmap can be outlined. This prepares you for the design process.


Forbytes design phase in agile project methodology
The design process involves writing out the detailed requirements needed for each of your deliverables.
The information gathered during the discover process, as well as user flows, allows you to build wireframes and get a feel for how your end product will look. Workshops are then used to validate your solution and create a development plan.
  • RequirementsDocumenting the needs of your project in detail
  • WireframesVisualising the layout of your product
  • Graphic DesignBranding the layout to get a feel for what the end user would see
  • WorkshopsValidating that your solution meets the initial requirements and generating ideas for further development


Forbytes agile processes methodology develop phase
Once you have your development plan in place, the work can be broken down into manageable deliverables. At Forbytes, we use a four step approach which comprises of sprint planning, building, testing and demonstrating.
Two week sprint cycles are then undertaken at which point deliverables are ready to be demonstrated. Feedback then guides any future development work.
  • Sprint PlanningPlan the work to be completed in two week sprint cycles
  • BuildStart the build process in accordance with the project requirements
  • TestEnsure that the solution you’ve created works correctly and meets the customer’s needs
  • DemonstrateShow the work to the customer and ask for any feedback


deliver phase of the agile project methodology with forbytes
The last stage in the methodology we use is a formal handover of the project. This is to ensure that all requirements have been met and all parties are happy before officially closing the project.
For ongoing maintenance and improvements thereafter, we use the continuous enhancement work stream methodology. .

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