Increase in Online Shopping Promises Good Times for eCommerce

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Increase in online shopping promises good times for eCommerce
Increase in online shopping promises good times for eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is blossoming at the moment, not in small part due to the effects of the pandemic. Some may assume (incorrectly) that this is the only reason for an increase in online shopping. However, according to Eurostat, eCommerce has seen steady growth across all countries in the EU before the pandemic as well. Their survey analyzed online shopping statistics of the past year, and the findings are quite remarkable:

  • 60% of the EU population aged 16 to 74 shopped online in 2019. This number has increased by 4% since the previous year (56%) and almost doubled over 10 years since 2009.
  • Men shop more while more women begin to shop. The share of men that shop online (61%) is a bit higher than that of women (59%). However, the data also shows a greater increase in online shopping among women over the last 10 years. It increased by 30% among women and 26% among men.
  • Nordic countries have the highest percentage of online consumers. When looking at the top 5 countries of the EU in terms of online shopping, 3 of them are countries from the Nordic region: UK (87%), Denmark (84%), Sweden (82%), Norway (82%), Netherlands (81%). Estonia, on the other hand, has seen the biggest increase in online shopping over the last 10 years: from 17% in 2009 to an impressive 68% in 2019.

Increase in online shopping across EU 2019 stats

As mentioned before, these stats were analyzed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. In current circumstances, eCommerce is expected to grow even further across all countries. If you require assistance or in the need of advice – our eCommerce experts are always happy to lend a hand!

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