E-commerce development

To be where you want to be in five years, your choice of e-commerce solution makes a difference. You want a solution where scaling your business is not, and never will be, an issue.
Your e-commerce solution is one of the many important decisions you will make when growing your business. Your e-commerce solution should support you in driving your business forward.
With a solution tailored to meet your specific needs, now and in the years to come, we think it is important to have an answer to the following questions:

  • What are you looking to achieve with your e-commerce investment?
  • What problems are you trying to solve for your customers?
  • What capabilities will you need now and will it still be the same in five years’ time?
  • Do you need a simple solution or a complex system and what resource is required for this?

Based on your answers to these questions, we can work with you to visit the potential solutions and ensure that together, we pick the one that’s right for you.

e-Commerce is essential to a number of areas

  • RetailMaximise your sales online and in-store. Connect your brick-and-mortar store and your online store with one simple solution.
  • WholesaleMake your B2B sales easier by removing manual work, automating orders and payment processes.
  • BankingImprove your customer experience by providing an easy financial solution that works 24/7.
  • ManufacturingExpand your offering from B2B clients to B2C consumers by using a solution that is tailored to both.
  • FashionYou can’t afford to miss any opportunity to reach your customers with the latest and trendiest offers.
  • Food shoppingMake it convenient for customers to order and receive their weekly food shopping.
  • Fresh farm produceHelp your community grow greener by reaching more people with as few barriers as possible.
  • Online marketplaceGive customers the convenience of a market place from whenever and wherever.
  • HospitalityFlexible systems give you the stability to continue growing, avoiding seasonal shifts in occupancy.
  • TravelManaging your prices with flexibility and strategy is central to success in the online travel industry.
  • Business to consumerCut out the middle man and sell directly to your target audience without any interference.
  • Business to businessProvide products and services on time and with high quality to let your customers meet the needs of their customers.

Do you want to increaseconversion rates?

reach more customers with Forbytes e-commerce solutions
Expanding into the e-commerce world allows you to reach more customers on a local, regional and international level. It becomes easy for customers to buy from you directly from the comfort of their own home.
Most purchases begin online. No matter where the actual conversion takes place, a strategic online presence is something you can’t afford to be without.
Increase your conversion rates by having an attractive and optimised online presence that customers want to shop from. Drive customers to your physical shop by providing engaging and relevant content that helps them make an informed purchase.
You want customers that trust you and are loyal to you. Personalisation is key to achieving that. Letting customers choose their own currency and preferred language are two of many examples of personalisation.

Find out how the Forbytes way of working can help you.

How we work

Make the first impression
a lasting one

Forbytes e-commerce development
It is a universal truth that keeping and retaining loyal customers saves both time and money. Return business is often centered around how it feels to be a customer. Customer experience begins with the customers first point of contact with you. It is one thing to ‘wow’ your customers, and another to keep them impressed and happy.
Your online store is only one part of the customer experience. You also want to develop and integrate tools that support your customer service and sales staff. Having a fully functional CRM, for example, is invaluable and means that staff are able to log notes and complaints, track and change orders and deal with online payments effectively.
      • Order trackingTrack the progress of orders and deliveries.
      • Order historyKeep track of and review past orders.
      • Order wish listsBuild up a wish list for purchasing online or in store.
      • Customer supportProvide answers to the most common questions.
      • Simplify paymentsAccept payments from major debit and credit cards as well as mobile.
      • Online paymentsTake online automated payments for efficiency.

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