E-commerce development

Internet based sales has been a huge disrupting factor in how people do business with each other over the past decade, and it would seem that E-commerce is the focus of a huge number of businesses.  It is very hard to escape the fact that expanding into the e-commerce world allows you to reach more customers on a local, regionaland international level. It becomes easy for customers to buy from you directly from the comfort of their own home. 

No matter where the actual sales conversion takes place, a strategic online presence is something you probably cannot afford to be without.  Most purchases of anything other than pure commodities begin online these days.  You can increase your conversion rates, your sales line, by having an attractive and optimised online presence that customers actually want to shop from. You can drive customers to a physical shop by providing engaging andrelevant content online that helps them make an informed purchase.  You can make a customer feel they are important to you by personalising their purchase experience in simple ways like letting them choose their currency or language preferences, or in more complex ways by building customer specific portals and pages.

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There are so many things you can achieve with your E-commerce site. Here are just a few examples:


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Maximise your sales online and in-store. Connect your brick-and-mortar store and your online store with one simple solution.


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Make your B2B sales easier by removing manual work, automating orders and payment processes.


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Improve your customer experience by providing an easy financial solution that works 24/7.


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Expand your offering from B2B clients to B2C consumers by using a solution that is tailored to both.


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You can’t afford to miss any opportunity to reach your customers with the latest and trendiest offers.

Food shopping

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Make it convenient for customers to order and receive their weekly food shopping.

Fresh farm produce

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Identify the best possible way to get your end users to interact with your product.

Back-end development

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Give customers the convenience of a market place from whenever and wherever.


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Flexible systems give you the stability to continue growing, avoiding seasonal shifts in occupancy.


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Managing your prices with flexibility and strategy is central to success in the online travel industry.

Business to consumer

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Cut out the middle man and sell directly to your target audience without any interference.

Business to business

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Provide products and services on time and with high quality to let your customers meet the needs of their customers.

But there is so much information and so many conflicting opinions out there, how do you choose what is best for you and your company?

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

Jeff Bezos

Forbytes and E-commerce

Forbytes has a long and successful track record within e-commerce.  Our clients vary in size and in which industry they work, but they have several factors in common:

  • They all needed a solution that could be scaled to unlimited levels in the short, medium and long term.
  • The e-commerce solution needed to support all the business processes in the company, integrating tools to support customer service, sales and logistics functions.
  • Whilst “off-the-shelf” solutions went so far in meeting their needs, they all required functionality specific to their business to be built in.
  • They all wanted an e-commerce site that both attracted AND helped retain their customers. 
  • The sites had to look good but also keep customers impressed and happy for repeat visits.
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    They were all very conscious of the investment required and the return on that investment they desired.
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To solve these requirements we are able to offer expertise in both platform based solutions and bespoke solutions.  We will help you decide which solution is best for you and your situation depending on your business objectives by considering the following areas:

  • What are you looking to achieve with your e-commerce investment?
  • What problems are you trying to solve for your customers?
  • What capabilities will you need now and in five years time? Ten years time?
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    Do you need a simple solution or a more complex system and what resources are required for this?

“You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.”

Jack Ma

Choose your e-commerce journey

A roadmap is an essential component to achieving success. The Forbytes way of working comes from our experience of what actually gets you to your destination. As a customer, you care about results. Therefore, you should only have processes in place that generate actual, measurable results. We happen to know which processes work and can deliver the results you want.


You need software that supports and strengthens the core of your business and areas of expertise. Off the shelf solutions can be right for those that can afford to wait for functionality and updates. For others, waiting for off the shelf solutions to be updated can be an unacceptable delay and hinderbusiness growth.


If you can’t wait, you need to look at developing bespoke solutions that meet your requirements, and which your dedicated team members can maintain and alter as and when required.

No matter whether you choose an off the shelf or bespoke solution, your online store is only one part of the customer experience. You also want to develop and integrate tools that support your customer service and sales staff. Having a fully functional CRM, for example, is invaluable and means that staff are able to log notes and complaints, track and change orders, and deal with online payments effectively.

Order tracking, order history, wish lists, online payment tools, product and customer support….all these and more add up to the overall customer experience and can mean the difference between getting a sales conversion and retaining a customer  - or missing those sales targets and struggling to generate revenue.

Off the shelf solutions

The Forbytes way of working offers you the ultimate flexibility to choose a system that works for you in terms of cost, functionality and customer experience. We will staff and retain a team that has expertise in whichever platform you require. 

Currently one platform which is tried and tested and where we can help you with implementation relatively rapidly is Magento.

Magento development

Magento is a modern e-commerce platform that integrates digital and physical shopping experiences of your consumers and can be tailored to suit your up-to-date business needs. The ability to be up and running quickly with an MVP makes Magento an attractive e-commerce option for many businesses. Your return on investment can perhaps be achieved more rapidly, and further developments needed for your specific business can be funded by on-going income generated by the MVP.

Magento gives you the capability to manage multiple international sites from one platform without needing to introduce complex and costly new business structures. Order management, inventory management and scalability are key Magento benefits. Given its modular nature, Magento can be as large and flexible as a company needs, allowing for future expansion plans.

Due to demand from our client-partners, Forbytes has, and will continue to, invest in our capability to develop and maintain solutions for our client-partners who wish to use Magento. Magento is available in two versions:

Magento Enterprise edition

This edition enables you to sell to consumers and businesses using one platform. The platform is capable of simultaneously managing a large scope of orders as well as numerous users. Sharing one platform for all your online businesses increases your effectiveness and efficiency, reduces costs, and optimises your bottom line.


This edition also offers: B2BE-Commerce, Elastic Search (the Elastic Search tool can be used for high-quality search results in 33 languages) and Changes Preview (easily stage, preview, and schedule a wide range of new content, including updates to products, categories, and promotions).

Magento Community edition

The community edition offers the possibility for a quick “time to market” with a relatively low start-up cost. It delivers the performance and features required to meet basic e-commerce needs and is highly customisable. It also ensures that you are up and running quickly once the decision to use the Magento platform is made.

There are no licence fees for the standard functionality and any costs will be for branding, design and setting up the system for your business. For start-ups and small businesses with a limited budget functionality can be added on through plugins and customised development as and when you can afford it. This edition offers Elastic Search and Changes Preview.

Bespoke e-commerce development

Start simple, learn and grow.

A bespoke solution is right for those businesses that desire more flexibility, more rapid adaptability and greater control over their growth.  A bespoke solution specifically designed and developed to target your particular business needs increases the productivity of your sales, marketing and procurement teams.  It is also easy to adapt a bespoke solution to changes in legislation, local conditions and technology.

A fear associated with bespoke systems is that they are complex and therefore costly and difficult to maintain. Complex software solutions, whether customer facing or internal systems do increase the learning curve and add complexity to the day-to-day lives of your customers and your staff.  This is something to be avoided at all costs.


Our goal is to ensure you get solution that works with your staff, and for your customers, not against them. Your staff are experts in what they are doing. Together we will get their advice when building a solution that supports them in performing the tasks and services that will ultimately increase your revenue and margins. Throughout the development work we will test solutions with customers before implementing them live to ensure we make your customers’ experience high quality and more likely to generate sales. 


Your choice of e-commerce solution is one of the many important decisions you will make when growing your business.  Forbytes can help you make the right decision.  One that allows for all the growth you can handle in the future.