e-Commerce development

Deciding on the best e-commerce solution for you.
Software development is an exercise in both discovery and creation. In order to decide which solution is best for you, it may be handy to think through the answers to the following questions:

  • What are you looking to achieve with your e-commerce investment?
  • What problems are you trying to solve for your customers?
  • What functionality will you need now and will it still be the same in five years’ time?
  • Do you need a simple solution or a complex system and what resource is required for this?

Based on your answers to these questions, we can work with you to visit the potential solutions and ensure that together, we pick the one that’s right for you.

Sectors and industries where
e-сommerce is commonly used

    • RetailOnline shopping and browsing
    • WholesaleBuy in bulk
    • BankingAttend to all your financial needs
    • Industrial manufacturingB2B (business to business) manufacturing
    • FashionShare and sell the latest fashion
    • Food shoppingIncluding delivery
    • Fresh farm produceAllow a wider audience to buy fresh foods
    • Online marketplaceBuy services and products from different retailers in one place
    • Travel and hospitalityBook your next holiday and travel online
    • Business to business (B2B) Purchase from and sell to other businesses
    • Business to consumer (B2C) Sell directly to your target audience
    • Combined B2B and B2CThe provision of services and products to businesses and consumers

    Reaching more customers

    with forbytes ecommerce solutions you reach more customers
    Growing your business and expanding into the e-commerce world allows you to reach more customers locally, regionally and internationally. It becomes simple for customers to buy from you directly from the comfort of their own home.
    Setting up an e-commerce solution will allow buyers not only the flexibility of doing their shopping online but also to learn more about you and your brand before they come into a high street store.
    Having an online presence means that customers can purchase from you using their local currency and selecting their preferred language which personalises their journey as a consumer.

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    How we work

    Letting the customer
    take control

    digital retail solutions with forbytes
    Excellent customer service and reputation is paramount for an e-commerce business. Nowadays, there is a high expectation that processes will be slick and there will be support on-hand if it’s required.
    By automating processes such as order tracking, order history, online payments and FAQs, you are able to provide more of a self-service offering. This frees up resource to work on other projects and spend time building the business.
    • Order trackingTrack the progress of orders and deliveries
    • Order historyKeep track of and review past orders
    • Order wish listsBuild up a wish list for purchasing online or in store
    • Customer supportPut a support structure in place with answers to the most common questions
    • Simplify paymentsAccept payments from major debit and credit cards as well as mobile payments (Apple Pay or SMS)
    • Online paymentsTake online automated payments for efficiency

    Make the first impression
    a lasting one

    forbytes ecommerce development
    One of the key reasons why customers continue to repurchase products and services time and time again is because of how the company makes them feel. Return business is often centered around good initial impressions and a memorable customer experience.
    It is also important to develop and integrate tools into your system which will support customer service and sales staff. Having a fully functional CRM is invaluable and means that staff are able to log notes and complaints, track and change orders and deal with online payments effectively.

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