Dedicated development teams

The simplest way to view this level of our service is as an “outsourced IT department”. This service is ideal for companies that need a full-time software development team to develop their digital business process capability. We can tailor the team we provide you to either:

  • supply all the resources that you need, or
  • stop
    compliment and work side-by-side, although remotely, with your existing team and build your in-house capacity to deliver software projects.
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There is an initial trial period of six months (with 45 days’ notice) for both parties.  After the six-month period either party can cancel the agreement with three months’ notice.

Inevitably there are challenges for businesses that take on our long term dedicated team service, so in order to reduce those challenges to a minimum we give help and advice on all aspects of working successfully with an outsourced team. Your Forbytes dedicated team becomes an integral part of your business, even though they work remotely.  There is daily contact in the form of stand-up meetings. We implement tried and tested processes so that everyone understands who is responsible for what. We also visit each others’ offices to foster face-to-face relationships.

We start our partnership with a small team of proactive individuals, ideally between two and five people. From this we embed a stable culture of discipline, candid communication and reliable delivery. Scaling your team from a solid foundation is quick and effective.  Often the seed members of the team will have experience of the business challenges that you are facing and may have implemented digital tools that have helped other companies facing the same sort of challenges.  This is where Forbytes excels – providing high quality resources that understand the business value of the services they are helping you develop. You avoid the challenge of trying to find those resources in a competitive market and therefore can focus on other business challenges.

Forbytes have a range of services that can be tailored to help you digitalise your business.

Tailored for your needs

Forbytes gives you the freedom to take care of what matters the most, your core business, staff, and customers. We take care of your software needs, build great communication between the business and development team. With Forbytes, your digital systems become an asset rather than a cost centre. If you want advice on setting up your outsourced development team, please contact us. 

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