Contract project teams

The digital world permeates through everything in business. You cannot avoid it. Software solutions are an integral part of our daily business lives.

Most businesses will need to run a software development project at one time or another. Many small and medium sized businesses need help with not only their software development but also integrating software products into their business.


No two business are created equal however. Every business is unique. Not every business will need a full-time IT department. Short term contract project teams can be the best way to go for many businesses.


Bridging the gap between technology and business is not always as simple as one may assume. A little research will show how easy it is for software projects to fail. Understanding the cause of project failure gives you an appreciation for investing in making sure projects succeed. 

Have you been involved in an unsuccessful project? What were the consequences? What were the knock-on effects to the rest of your business? Was the cost of failure purely financial or did it have other ramifications? Job loss? Reputational damage?


Delays to other important work is a common symptom of poorly managed projects. How important is it that your next project is successful? What lengths will you go to, to ensure success?

Facilitating success

Why is it that so many software projects fail in companies that are led by experienced and successful people?


Very few CEOs and senior managers have the spare capacity to manage short term projects. While their core responsibilities demand their attention they still need to be aware of what is happening and when. Responsibilities of delivering short term projects are often designated to the next available person. Regardless of whether they have the skills or experience needed to successfully implement and deliver the project.

Take a moment to give the following questions some thought.

How would you set up the project organisation for your next project? How would you build the bridge between your technical team and the business to smoothly share knowledge? Do you have the mechanisms in place to always know how the project is progressing? Do you have a tailored, tried and tested project methodology in your business?


What will be the cost to you personally, your team and your business if your next project is not completely successful?


Delivering successful projects takes experience, empathy, respect, knowledge and discipline. Forbytes works closely with you to put together a disciplined, highly trained and motivated team to deliver projects that meet your business needs. You will have the ability to make well informed decisions. You will have full control on what is happening. You will not have to do all the day-to-day management of the project.

Forbytes have a range of services that can be tailored to help you digitalise your business.

Tailored for your needs

The difficult part of software development is not the development – it is understanding what your business needs. Forbytes works closely with you in making sure your digital systems are an asset to your business. If you want advice and are looking for a project team, please contact us.