Business Analysis

Business Analysis,the first step for great software

Business Analysis enables our client-partners to bridge the gap between a business idea and a technology solution.


Our client-partners use business analysis to increase their return on investments, improve their on-time delivery and deliver within the agreed budget.

Ensure that your projects deliver the right capability needed by the business by using Business Analysis.

Forbytes business analytics roles and responsibilities

Forbytes Business Analysis service can help you in:

Taking on the hard work to define business needs correctly

Defining features before defining capabilities will only give you 60%-70% of what you need.


Identifying and defining business needs correctly is a critical factor for successful software projects. It is also time consuming and requires very particular skillsets.


Our Business Analysts help you to identify and define the capability that needs to be delivered from your software.

Advisory and consultancy Forbytes software development digital transformation advice working in partnership

Creating a clear vision from the start

Lack of sufficient clarity at the start of a project leads to unnecessary rework and budget overruns down the line.


The art and science of crafting software that delivers exceptional business value at a reasonable cost, is to have a clear understanding of the capability needed by the end users.


From the very beginning of your project, Forbytes Business Analysts will help you achieve an improved understanding of what is needed for your solution’s success.

Forbytes capability breakdown structure illustration

Making sure everyone knows what is needed for success

The devil is in the detail. Poor structure or wording of requirements, leads to misunderstandings, expensive down time and delays during the development phase. Resulting in late delivery of projects.


Our Business Analysts will drive and facilitate requirements discussions to clarify your needs and make sure priorities are set correctly.

Every successful project needs a road map

Building your solutions in the wrong order, leads to increased rework, development time and costs.


Without a proper plan, your project will waste resources and time. A good project plan is based on a roadmap that shows exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.


Forbytes Business Analysts will work with you todefine the Build Road Map to coordinate technology and business development.  

Forbytes hit the roadmap graph order of business

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