Website Frontend Development
for Digital Marketing Agency 

Brainspin is a Utah-based studio that believes in bringing digital marketing and software ideas to life. The Brainspin team are a talented group of pro-active individuals who have proved their skills on a wide range of projects from website design to large and complex animation projects. In 2016 the Brainspin President asked us if one of our frontend developers could work with their team on an e-commerce project.

How we work with Brainspin

With the project having tight deadlines, it was important that Brainspin and Forbytes used an approach that included efficient information sharing, regular feedback sessions and demonstrable progress in delivering outputs. All of this needed to be incorporated into the overall structure of the project as well as ensure that Brainspin’s, client’s business objectives were fulfilled. Brainspin’s Project Manager and Forbytes’ COO quickly established processes for working successfully with a dedicated offshore development team.

Brainspin’s project manager led daily status meetings with his offshore dedicated Forbytes frontend developer. Forbytes’ senior UI/UX & frontend development engineer also participated as needed, to share ideas and conduct code reviews.

To ensure effective communication, the following tools were used:

  • Zeplin – a collaboration tool between the creative designer and the frontend developer to deliver business objectives on time
  • JIRA for managing requirements, time estimates and project tracking within implemented agile processes
  • Skype for daily status meetings.
  • Slack for open team wide communication

The combination of regular and effective communication and efficient support of setting up the processes has made Brainspin and Forbytes’ partnership successful and productive and resulted in a high quality outcome for the project as a whole.


What we do for Brainspin

Based on the designs and website vision developed by the creative team at Brainspin, Forbytes implemented responsive pages using the SMACSS methodology (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS).

The use of SMACSS enabled the development team to structure the CSS style sheets in such a way as to make life easier for future development and maintenance.

Key Project Features

  • Excellent communication channels
  • Clear understanding of the processes from the start
  • Fully responsive website
  • Responsive images
  • Custom Plugin for text management
  • Quick and easy design implementation
  • Easy-to-maintain code.

Technology Stack

  • Semantic HTML5
  • CSS3, SASS using SMACSS methodology
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp on a Node.js server.

Partner’s testimonial

“We found Forbytes’ code to be uniform throughout the website’s structure. They maintained regular communications and meetings to make sure everything was going well. The team was easy to work with. They took the time to get to know us at Brainspin and understand our business.”

– Alonzo Green, Project Manager at BrainSpin