What you need to think about when choosing a software company

by Don Lowe

April 4, 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The need for software projects in your business

Every business that aspires to have a strong presence in the e-commerce world, will need a software project at some point. If you do launch into a new project you need to make sure it doesn’t impact negatively on your day-to-day running of your company.

A good and professional software company will advise you on how to minimise the impact

Software development requires input from your senior managers and operational staff. Get advice from your technical partner on how much effort they envisage will be needed from key people. This way you are able to plan work loads and delegate some activities in advance. It will reduce disruptions to operational activities as well as the software development process.

The choice of company to implement new software

A professional software development company should be able to implement applications efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business. All at a reasonable price. Having a clear and well thought through set of decision criteria will help in selecting the right technical partner.

A good relationship with your software provider is vital for the success of your project. Here are some valuable points to consider before making up your mind about your choice of software provider.

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Consider quality before choosing software provider

Finding a software development company that can meet all your fundamental objectives and deliver quality services within a reasonable time-frame, is challenging. The software provider marketplace is increasingly competitive. 

There are signs to look out for in a development team, before signing any agreements:

  • Do you get the feeling that the company is interested in solving your business needs as well as supply technical solutions? Can they show you a clear and simple process on how to take your needs and evolve them into a final business solution? Do your due diligence.
  • Did the company demand full descriptions and detailed requirements for your project or alternatively offer you help to write them? The right team of programmers must understand the requirements clearly in order to turn your business ideas into technical reality.
  • Do you think your two companies’ culture will match? You will be dependent on having good relationships with your provider from now on and it will be vital for the success of your project. Positive social interactions are critical. 
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    Are there clearly defined roles and responsibilities?
  • Check if they can provide expertise to meet your UX needs. References from previous/current clients may be helpful.
  • Firms that perform regular testing can also ensure the level of quality that you need.

What are the traits of a trusted software company?

We all want to feel like our business is important to someone else. Having a provider sit with you and ask you in-depth questions about your oragnisation, and how they can help, is a big indicator that they are working to help YOU grow. A good way to make sure you aren’t falling for sales hype, is to see if your provider asks you about business growth and aspirations for the future.

Every member of a software development team should feel responsible for the outcome of your project. Your money and resources should be spent as if it was their own. Choose them wisely.