Technology has been rapidly changing the world for years, and 2019 was no exception. What’s more, it’s not just tech companies that have found that technology can vastly improve their efficiency. We have compiled a list of publications about cases throughout the year when technology was used to help and improve various businesses. Enjoy!

The 10 Best Examples Of How AI Is Already Used In Our Everyday Life

AI In Our Everyday LifeYou might be surprised to hear that artificial intelligence is already part of your everyday life. Finding your way around town with Google maps, what you see on social media, the ads you see online, and suggestions for your Amazon shopping – AI is behind it all.

A personalized touch to the online experience is valuable both to you and the service providers. Because of this, tech companies invest in AI to ensure that you are presented with the most relevant content.

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How Charities Are Using TikTok To Raise Funds

TikTok LogoSocial media is more than just a way to keep in touch with your friends and family. An online presence can help bring attention to your company and let potential customers get to know your brand. Wendy’s, for example, has become quite famous for its witty Twitter banter. This garners a friendlier feel to the company as compared to its competitors and encourages engagement from potential customers.

Charities are also turning to social media to bring attention to their work and to raise funds.

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How to Use Podcasting to Help Your Brand

Podcast previewJust like social media, podcasts can be a great way to increase the reach of your brand. Starting your own podcast allows you to talk in-depth about topics that are relevant to you and your business.

On the other hand, if you find an existing podcast with the right target demographic, the podcaster can lend their voice to promote your business.

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Candid Is Using AI To Give You Straighter Teeth, Cheaper Than Any Dentist

AI and 3D printing in dentalDentistry is probably not the first profession that comes to mind when thinking about digital innovation. However, with the use of AI and 3D printing, you can now straighten your teeth from home. People living in rural areas are no longer forced to spend hours driving back and forth to the dentist’s office and can still get the help they need. This reduces emissions, saves your time and money, and increases the company’s reach. Everybody wins!

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Food delivery apps previewEveryone has to eat, right? And, with the dawn of food delivery apps, your options of what to have for dinner have expanded drastically.

So long as you are willing to pay for the delivery, lots of restaurants are happy to send prepared food to your doorstep. All with a few taps on your phone. This is convenient not just for you but for restaurants as well, since they can serve food to customers that cannot make it to their physical location.

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Last Mile Robot Launches Snowy Pilot In Quest To Own Food Delivery Market

Delivery robots testing in winterWhile food delivery apps are booming, the greatest expense for delivery companies are, well, the actual deliveries. While companies like Dominos have invested in e-bikes to speed up their deliveries, some have decided to use technology to go even further.

Food delivery robots are making their way onto the bike lanes in select locations. They are currently being tested to ensure they can operate in harsh weather conditions. The hope is that they will both be able to reduce costs and provide a greener alternative to car deliveries.

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VR in classromAugmented reality allows students to have a more immersive educational experience. They can now visit the places they are learning about in books, such as the Moon. Gamification improves engagement and makes learning a lot more fun. Additionally, technology makes it easier for teachers to evaluate the efficiency of the educational material and measure student performance.

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8 Ways IoT Devices Can Improve Your Business Office

Office digitizationWith the increase in internet-enabled items on the market, the potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) has only grown during 2019. You can use these objects to make your office more efficient. These improvements include things like inventory management, that prevents you from running out of coffee ever again. It can also optimize your office environment in terms of temperature, lighting, etc.

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6 AI Business Tools for Entrepreneurs on a Budget

AI in businessNew technologies not only improve the office environment but can also streamline jobs.

Machine learning can be used to discover trends and provide more individualized and targeted marketing. AI can also augment the human side of marketing, sales, and HR by eliminating repetitive tasks that don’t require a personal touch.

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2019 Has Been A Very Good Year For Ironclad And Digital Contracting

Ironclad And Digital Contracting2019 has proven to be a great year for digital contracts. Since contracts are such an essential part of any business venture, they often take a lot of time to iron out. Digital contracts, on the other hand, streamline and speed up the negotiation process. As a result, making actual progress is a lot faster.

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8 Companies Utilizing AI to Tackle Climate Change

AI in combating climate changeSo, we have established that technology can improve your digital experience, your job, and your office. However, it doesn’t end here.

Companies are using AI to fight climate change. The technology is being implemented to educate, reduce pollution, and repair some of the damages that have already been made to the environment.

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2019 has been characterized by digital innovation. It is possible that you missed out and hindsight is 20/20. However, if you seek to make 2020 the year you digitize your business – make sure you acquire help from an experienced team.