Startup Grind hosts Richard Cooper for a fireside chat

by Nathalie Nilsson
Content marketing and sales assistant

May 2, 2018
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Richard Cooper, of Cascade Technologies and Novosound, joined us in Edinburgh on the 26th of April. This time the Startup Grind fireside chat was hosted by Codebase. Richard shared his journey and gave advice to others about to set out on the same path.  

Speaker bio

After leaving university with a degree in Production Engineering and Management, Richard brought that knowledge to companies like the Howden Group and Rolls Royce. 20 years later it was time to move on to startups. He became one of the founders of Cascade Technologies and was primarily the company's Commercial Director. After the company as sold to Emerson Process Management in 2014, Richard continued to work with them, most recently in the capacity as a consultant.

Today he is the co-founder of another startup company, namely Novosound. With the aim to revolutionize the relatively stagnant area of ultrasound equipment, Richard is aiming high once again.

​The fireside chat

An avid car enthusiast, Richard tells us of his early years racing and getting his manufacturing engineering degree. There's no small amount of delight when he speaks about working for Rolls Royce and the cars there. The experiences have served him well, both when struggling to keep Cascade Technologies afloat and after the company became a success.

On the matter of culture Richard has a lot to say. He offers advice on when to start working on a positive culture – which is right away. Additionally, he gives suggestions on helpful ways to grow that culture that he has learned over the years. From fruit to the people that make up the team, there are a lot of factors that a startup need to keep in mind, especially money. "Manage the cash," he warns, speaking from experience. "Most startup companies go bust because they run out of cash."

These days Richard has a new project – Novosound. He recently joined forces together with a few individuals just out of university, combining his experience and their skills. He is at home with having co-founders and he knows what to look for. "There is no point in three of you doing the same thing, you've got to complement each other," he tells us.

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs?

Get the best administration you can get

Administration underpins a company, so you want someone who is good at it to help you out. Don't expect your engineers to do it on top of their other tasks, that is more than likely to invite disaster.

Regular board meetings

​Even if things are running smoothly regular board meetings are a must. You also have to make sure they are properly minuted and regulated to keep them efficient.

​Get your own front door

I​f your aim is to build a global brand, getting a front door as soon as possible is important. Punch above your weight and aim high – that front door will help you do that.

​Missed the event?

​If you missed the event you can remain calm. It was filmed by Product Forge and it can be found on YouTube.

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