Small Business Support During Coronavirus from Magento

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Small business support during coronavirus from Magento preview
Small business support during coronavirus from Magento preview

Just like people, businesses have not been immune to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While larger companies and big enterprises may be experiencing only a slight setback, the effects on smaller businesses may be a lot more drastic, from losses in personnel and revenue to even complete closure. Magento eCommerce platform (which is owned by Adobe), in an attempt to provide small business support during coronavirus pandemic, has decided to offer the following programs that you can take advantage of:

  • Free Magento Commerce with Cloud Infrastructure and Marketo Engage for 3 months. The program will enable you to use Magento Commerce (with Cloud Infrastructure) and Magento Engage, as well as Bizible implementation for free for 3 months. This is just what you need to stabilize or grow your revenue without worrying about additional fees.
  • Magento Commerce Launch Package. This is the program for those that do not have an online presence and are looking to build one fast. Adobe offers its Customer Solutions to quickly implement all out-of-the-box features of Magento Commerce. The process takes only two weeks, and you can start selling your products right away!
  • Free training in Magento and Marketo Engage for 3 months. Everyone has free access to Magento and Marketo University for 3 months. This is a perfect chance to make sure your Magento developers have the necessary knowledge to take on even the most ambitious tasks.

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These are just a few free programs that you can use to help your business in these times. Adobe offers even more free programs for small business support during coronavirus pandemic.

If you require experienced developers to customize your Magento store – contact Forbytes.

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