Make running a hotel easy

by Eva Lowe
Content Editor

December 6, 2018

Hoteliers CAN cut costs and increase profit with no risk involved…here’s how

Being a hotelier is hard work. It takes a meticulous and patient person to deal with assigning rooms, answering calls and welcoming guests. On top of all that there is invoicing, revenue reports and the books to keep. Add to that the task of integrating your services with all the online travel agencies where the rooms are advertised, as well as the marketing tasks... The responsibilities are endless.

Time spent on these issues often distracts you, the hotelier, from concentrating on their guests, which is what you really want to do and why you started in the hotel branch anyway. Satisfied guests are of course vital for your business.

​Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to solve the daily issues and connect to the hundreds of online travel agencies and synchronise prices without extra effort or risk?

There is a way. It’s called Basil365 – an all-embracing tool that is deeply rooted in the day-to-day running of your hotel and can cater for all eventualities that may crop up. 

We met with the CEO, Thorbjörn Thoren and the CTO Martin Nilsson to discuss Basil365 and what this ingenious product gives you, the hotelier. 

Enhance sales revenue cost-effectively

Basil365 is worlds away from the traditional hotel management systems currently used widely in the industry. It is modern and sleek and delivers everything you need to manage the daily running of the hotel. It is also simple, so you don’t need an IT qualification to use it. 

“All you need is an internet connection,” says Thorbjörn as he folds out his laptop and shows us a sample booking on Basil365’s user interface.

“Our business idea is to digitalise all the tasks that have to be performed at a small to medium sized hotel and increase their revenue at a low cost,” Martin explains. “The cost for the service is based on the number of rooms and is paid monthly. There are three price models to choose between: Basic, Standard and Premium. A Channel Manager from HotelRunner is included in all of them.”

A hotelier can choose the service level that suits them best and will always have a connection to the online booking services that are so important for driving occupancy levels. 

Let Basil365 make your life easier and more efficient

Running a hotel is one of the most challenging business operations imaginable. The coordination of tasks is complex and staff management takes a huge amount of time. You need a tool that can synchronise your room availability, prices and bookings so you never miss an opportunity to attract guests and you always have the optimum occupancy rates. This is impossible to do by hand.

Basil365 keeps everyone coordinated with what is happening at the hotel, and allows you to manage your staff as efficiently as possible to reduce costs. At the end of the day you can end your shift satisfied that there has been little or no wasted time, effort or money in keeping your hotel running smoothly.

Tips on how to upsell and increase revenue

Having a tool that keeps you in touch with your guests, whether they are already checked-in or are soon to be checking-in, is extremely valuable as you can offer services and upgrades that can add significantly to your income. The guest may want to pre-order meals, or a bottle of champagne in the room or perhaps some excursions – or to bring their pet dog. This can all be planned online, without distracting you hugely from your daily tasks. Guests are happy and you have the chance to upsell.

Let Basil365 be the path to your business success

Basil365 is a tool created in the real world situation of the hotel. As Martin says, “We did a very thorough investigation into all the parts needed to build a hotel management system from scratch. We worked with hotel staff to create this product. All the components are from real-life situations. We wanted to understand what capabilities a hotel truly needs before building it.” 

Ultimately, if a tool is not built for the real issues you face on a daily basis it will never be successful. Basil365 is rooted in reality to deliver true value to you and your hotel business. 

​A smooth running hotel is a profitable hotel

Each guest is unique and hoteliers need to make their guests feel welcomed and important. The quality of their customer service is essential to the business. A hotelier requires rapid and hassle-free information about the management of the hotel 24/7. Every day. Wherever they are.

Basil365 makes that possible.