Magento Improves Further with the New Update

Nathalie Nilsson eCommerce business analyst and author
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magento article on the laptop screen
magento article on the laptop screen

Magento eCommerce platform has just rolled out its latest update, Magento 2.3.4. Aside from the usual performance improvements it also comes with some notable upgrades.

Since its release in March 2019, the Page Builder tool has become very popular among Magento’s merchants. The 2.3.4 update includes enhancements that make the Page Builder faster and easier to use. Additionally, in light of the increased popularity of Progressive Web Application (PWA) Studio, the Magento team has taken steps to improve Page Builder’s compatibility with PWA studio.

The new update also seeks to address a pain point for many users. A survey revealed that most small and midsized merchants primarily use stock imagery. This has previously required the merchants to manually find and upload these assets. With the new update, Magento has integrated Adobe Stock to its platform, making it the first eCommerce platform to do so. Users can now access millions of stock images, preview them before licensing, and implement them in their designs directly within Magento admin.

Magento Commerce 2.3.4 further improves an earlier integration of Vendor Bundled Extension, which now includes a chat function. Additionally, you will receive a free chat agent to get you started once you upgrade. This chat agent can simultaneously handle multiple chats and quickly send and receive relevant files when requested. This will no doubt be a great boon to your customer service.

In addition to these upgrades, Magento has also made further improvements to its security. Updating your store to the new version will ensure you stay protected against any attacks or vulnerabilities.

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