Magento e-commerce development

by Vasyl Malanka,
Senior Magento Developer

August 21, 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Magento is a modern e-commerce platform that integrates digital and physical shopping experiences of your consumers and can be tailored to suit your up-to-date business needs.

The ability to be up and running quickly with a MVP makes Magento an extremely attractive option for many businesses. Magento gives you the capability to manage multiple international sites from one platform. Due to demand from partners, Forbytes has, and will continue to, invest in our capability to develop and maintain solutions for our Partners who wish to use Magento.

​Key Magento benefits

Order management

​Magento Commerce Order Management gives customers’ the capability to manage orders across all channels.

​Inventory management

​With Magento you have the capability to manage your inventory in one place even if you have several stores and physical warehouses.


​Due to its modular based nature, Magento can be as large and flexible as a company needs; making it the right choice for future expansion.

​Magento Enterprise

​The Magento Enterprise Edition enables you to sell to consumers and businesses using one platform. The platform is capable to simultaneously manage a big scope of orders and users. Sharing one platform for all your online businesses increases your effectiveness and efficiency, reduces costs, and optimises your bottom line.

​Why consider Magento Enterprise for your business?

​Process automation

​It helps automate your processes online, giving your customers improved control over their orders, while making your service more efficient, effective and less costly.

​Elastic search

​Easy to set up, scale and manage. The Elastic search tool can be used for high-quality search results in 33 languages.

Preview changes

​You will be able to easily stage, preview, and schedule a wide range of new content; including updates to products, categories, and promotions.

​Magento Community

​The Magento Community edition offers the possibility for a quick “time to market” with a relatively low start-up cost. It delivers the performance and features required to meet the basic e-commerce needs and is highly-customizable. Once you have made your decision to go with an e-Commerce platform, Magento Community Edition will ensure that you are up and running quickly.

​Why is Magento Community a good option?

​Low start-up cost

​No license fees. For the standard functionality, costs will be for branding design and setting up the system for your business.

​Quick to go live

​For solutions using the standard templates and functionality, you can be selling products within a few weeks.


​For startups and small businesses with a limited budget you can add on functionality as and when you can afford it, through plugins and customised development

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