Magento Contribution Day in Kiev

by Nathalie Nilsson
Content marketing and sales assistant

May 29, 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Magento and Magento 2 are open-source e-commerce platforms, written in PHP. They are excellent tools when creating an e-commerce site and they allow for personalisation. Forbytes uses them with some of our client-partner.

​The Magento Contribution Day itself

The Magento Contribution Day was held in Kiev on the 23rdand 24th of March this year. Forbytes sent several developers to this event. Meet-Magento organizes over forty of these events worldwide every year and the number is steadily growing. Last year Forbytes’ participants visited Croatia to take part in a similar Magento event.

The latest Magento trends are showcased during these events and it is also an excellent opportunity for participants to discuss and find solutions to any difficult e-commerce complication. Dedicated Magento enthusiasts share tips and tricks and support each other.

As an added bonus, it offers a chance to socialize with others who work with the platform.

​Hackathons and bug eliminations

Magento Contribution Day Kiev 2018 Forbytes working developers

“Meet Magento” invites developers to hackathons and to give feedback on how to fix bugs and enhance the product. Forbytes’ programmers had a go at both Magento 2and Magento Functional Testing Framework and they made multiple contributions.

Additionally, the two days provided room for discussions both with the Magento core team and with other developers. These discussions were very rewarding and provided insights into a variety of technical approaches.

The participants from Forbytes were very satisfied with their experience and new found knowledge and this will serve them well in years to come. With this event being such a success, they fully intend to go again when the opportunity arises.

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