Is the Pandemic Driving Digital Transformation? A Survey

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Yaroslav Ketsman Content Writer
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Computer and notebook on the office desk
Computer and notebook on the office desk

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses all over the world. Many have had to change and overcome various challenges to adapt to the situation that has occurred. However, these effects have sprung some positive changes as well. In fact, the pandemic is driving digital transformation in many businesses. Especially in those companies that were previously reluctant to change.

Many predict that these changes will have long-lasting effects even after the pandemic is over. 66% of the digital decision-makers that were recently surveyed have agreed that the pandemic will cause the pace of digitization to increase (over 800 decision-makers were surveyed in total). The other responses to the survey only support this claim.

  • Working from home will become more common. With so many offices being closed, lots of people have to stay and work from home. However, 78% of the responders have agreed that even after the pandemic is over, working remotely will become increasingly common.
  • Communication tools will be even more important. As a result of more people working remotely, the use of various communication tools, such as Microsoft teams or Slack, will become even more important and popular among businesses.
  • More online events and fewer business trips. It will take quite some time for the travel industry to go back to the way it was. 61% of the surveyed decision-makers believe that without the ability to travel abroad, lots of meetings, conferences, and events will have to move online, partially or completely.

Pandemic driving digital transformation survey results

In addition, 33% of the responders believe that the pandemic effects that are driving digital transformation will lead to great benefits for the entire digital industry once the crisis is over.

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