The performance of your business online is tied closely to the eCommerce platform that you have chosen. If you want to increase your sales, grow your customer base and strengthen your influence on the market – you have to make sure that your platform does not hold you back, and is a reliable tool that helps achieve set goals. While many businesses choose between a variety of off-the-shelf platforms (Magento, Shopify, etc.), more and more are turning towards custom eCommerce development.

Why does custom eCommerce development appeal to businesses?

In order to be properly prepared for the rapid development of eCommerce, your business has to be supported by a platform that is flexible and adaptable. It can help you avoid common problems that put a constraint on business growth, such as bad user experience, fewer completed orders, inefficient management, etc.

This is the exact reason why custom eCommerce development is valued by many: adaptability and complete freedom of building a solution to fit specific needs.

What can custom eCommerce development do for your businesses?

Facilitate growth

The difficult task of growing a business can be made more effective with the help of technology. The benefit of a custom eCommerce platform is that it can grow hand-in-hand with your business. While some third-party solutions may require additional efforts to keep up with changes, a custom one can be updated as soon as your business requires it. Also, if you have the means to predict market changes, you will be able to develop the necessary tools to help you prepare beforehand. This will allow you to get that ever-important edge over competitors, and further boost your growth.

Moreover, a custom solution can be aimed at growth and scalability right from the beginning. This will make growing the business easier, as your platform will work with you and not against you.

A good example of how such a platform helps a business facilitate growth can be seen with Trademax. Their solution helps them constantly increase profits, as well as expand their reach to other countries. What started as a small family business in Sweden is now one of the powerhouses of online furniture retailer in the entire Scandinavian region. This would be almost impossible without an eCommerce platform that can efficiently handle a large number of systems and different branches.

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Foster the increase in revenue

One of the challenges a growing business faces is handling an increasing amount of orders. An eCommerce platform that is not prepared for the rapid increase in customers will put a great strain on your efforts to increase revenue. If you are unable to complete orders efficiently, your customers will quickly leave and look for alternatives.

A custom eCommerce platform can increase the efficiency of order processing in multiple ways. From integrating any payment or shipping method to implementing custom tools that automate internal processes and data flow between systems – you can decide what is more relevant for your business, and when you should implement it. When done properly, it will greatly improve the efficiency of order handling and can have a significant impact on your revenue.

In addition, with a custom platform, it is a lot easier to create and customize the checkout process of your online store. You will not be bound to the specific rules that some third-party platforms have, allowing you to tailor it to the specific needs of your customers. Having a convenient and quick checkout process will help you avoid one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment and further boost your economic gain.

most common shopping card abandonment reasons

Improve the management and increase the effectiveness

Another benefit of a custom eCommerce platform is its ability to improve business management and make it more effective.

The freedom to build and implement any tool allows you to look closely at your internal processes and find ways to improve or automate them. Stenstroms – a fashion brand from Sweden – did exactly that. After examining their process of making custom shirts they realized that it can be made a lot more efficient with automation. After obtaining a custom tool and implementing it into their platform, they expect the number of orders for such shirts to double, and make human errors a thing of the past.

Process automation benefits businesses in multiple ways:

  • Makes it easier to manage different aspects of your business
  • Reduces the amount of required manual work
  • Reduces human error – an inevitable consequence of manual work
  • Allows your employees to focus on other important tasks (marketing, business development, etc.)

This feature is not unique to custom eCommerce platforms, of course. Many third-party solutions also focus on automation and improving business effectiveness. However, while a custom solution allows you to build and implement any tool, off-the-shelf platforms usually offer premade tools. As a result, you lose some degree of flexibility in the way you manage your business.

A few things to keep in mind

Despite all of its virtues, there are several things you have to keep in mind about a custom eCommerce platform.

  • It’s an investment. And just like with any investment, you may have to wait to see the results you were hoping for. Depending on your requirements, developing the solution may take some time. It is important to understand that by creating a custom eCommerce platform, you are not only thinking about the present; you are also investing in the future of retail and your business prospects.
  • You will need assistance from developers. Taking on such a project is no easy task, and you would have to acquire a team of developers to assist you. Be thorough in your search for the right team, and only partner with experienced developers with a proven record of delivering quality services.
  • It is not for everybody. Probably, the most important thing to keep in mind is that custom eCommerce development is definitely not for everyone. It can do more harm than good to smaller businesses that do not have the proper resources and time for such an undertaking. For larger businesses, however, this is a very attractive option that will continuously prove its use.

Endless possibilities

With total freedom of customization and scalability, custom eCommerce platforms can provide almost endless possibilities and ensure a high level of ecommerce security. If you are considering such a solution for your business – reach out. Our team has years of experience in developing custom eCommerce solutions for our client-partners.