Forbytes accelerates growth with relocation to new office

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In February 2018, Forbytes relocated its Ukrainian development office to a new office in the same building, to accommodate for our recent growth. It’s the third move in seven years.

The building is an old industrial 4 story building. Forbytes is taking up two floors in one of the extensive wings. The office is stylishly decorated in the company colours green, orange and grey and sets the tone of innovative atmosphere.

The new workplace offers our employees and visitors an open and flexible area that encourages collaboration and creativity. The spacious environment incites cooperation and teamwork that allow us to tackle even the most complex business challenges.

outsource software development new office space Forbytes

The main goal behind our new office was to develop a welcoming atmosphere without sacrificing private interactions. The floorplans were smartly designed and configured to promote and accommodate employee performance and productivity. The office features three separate open spaces and two conference rooms as well as a lounge area with table tennis and a kitchen. There are nearby restaurants and plenty of parking space. It’s not far to the local bus station.

bright open kitchen space new working area office outsource software development Forbytes

Our newly opened workplace has room for more than 60 employees who are based in Lviv. There are also plenty of space for when visitors arrive from other places such as Sweden or UK? We are especially proud to show off the new office when our client-partners come to visit

Our team was excited to relocate and is very pleased with their new modern workplace

Forbytes is ready to help your business become even more successful and we are eager to share that journey with you!

Come and see us in Lviv or ​get in touch​​​ with our staff in Sweden or the UK.