First Magento Meetup in Lviv held by Forbytes

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On October the 12th, 2017, the Forbytes Team organised the first unique Magento meetup that was held in Lviv, Ukraine.

The aim of the event was to meet local people that are passionate about Magento development and to initiate the creation of Magento community in Lviv.

Attended by over 40 Magento and PHP developers, it was a great networking event with like-minded people sharing the latest features and trends in Magento development.

Three experienced Magento developers had inspiring talks on Magento-specific topics and were highly appreciated by the attendees.

Forbytes Magento Team Lead, Andriy Kravets, talked about the differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2, outlining the architecture, environment and philosophy of each version. A representative from Magento, senior developer Oleh Posynyak, held a speech on Magento Cloud, its features and how to minimize deployment time to Magento Cloud. Another Magento developer from Forbytes, Oleh Dizhak, shared his knowledge of the practical use behind dynamic caching of personalised data in a real life.

The Lviv Magento Meetup gained positive feedback and recognition from the community and the Forbytes team is inspired to continue shaping the Lviv Magento community's expertise and knowledge.

We believe that similar meetups will strengthen the Magento expertise for developers and will help the Lviv Community become a part of the world-wide Magento community.

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