New steps on the international market with Enterprise Europe Network

by Maryna Makarova
Content Writer

April 15, 2019
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On Friday, April 12, Forbytes took part in an Information Day organised by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). EEN is a European Union project with a 6-year budget of over €2 billion. It is a global network of business enterprises and government institutions from 64 countries. During the Information Day,  Forbytes’  Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) Orest Chaykivskyy shared his ideas on cooperating with the EEN and why making new connections is important when wanting to lead your business to new heights.

The main goal of the Information Day is to inform representatives of local innovative enterprises and startups about new available approaches and programs for business development,” said Olena Fesenko, coordinator at EEN-Ukraine Consortium. “We want to show them exactly how EEN can help to find new partners and share information about their products and services on the international market.

Almost four hundred companies in Ukraine are already benefiting from cooperating with EEN, and Forbytes is one of them. Forbytes have already finished a project that had been running with the support of EEN - Rewind and Play. Forbytes designed, analysed, and built the ice hockey game using advanced game AI and an effective algorithm solution. The version was quickly released on the market and prepared for investment rounds.

Orest Chaykivskyy EEN presentation day

It is important for us to show our client-partners and employees that we are open to the world. We are ready to cooperate with big global players,” said Orest Chaykivskyy during the company presentation. “Our client-partners realise that innovation is the future, and if they want to produce quality products, they should keep up with technology. We help them by developing solutions that promote financial growth and optimise operating costs. Long-term cooperation with our client-partners is proof of this strategy: the average duration of our contracts is between 4 to 5 years.

Orest Chaykivskyy shared the main criteria of working with Western business, including European companies. He is sure that it is necessary to create trust and confidence in your brand, to be open and listen to your clients respectfully and intelligently. A WIN-WIN approach in your business will help you to think strategically and build long term relationships with your clients. He also advised exploring your personal network for acquaintances in different industries is a tool you can use to grow your business. As well as a way to meet new people. Making connections is not only for finding more clients and business partners, it is also a sales and brand building tool. Combined with this, it is critical that you have principles based on delivering high quality for your clients. 

“Another important principle is to respect people,” said Orest Chaykivskyy. “95% of an IT businesses success depends on the human factor. Accordingly, people are one of the most valuable investments for any IT company, including ours. The main thing that we give our client-partners during our working cooperation is talented people who have competence and expertise in their work.”

Forbytes was happy to have EEN representatives as guests at the company’s office to discuss new opportunities for Ukrainian enterprises on the international market. If you want to take a part in the discussion or speak to us about how we can work together, contact Forbytes.

Orest Chaykivskyy EEN presentation day