dotJS 2017 Paris conference

by Mykhailo Matviishyn,
Front End Developer

December 7, 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

On December 1st we attended the largest JavaScript conference in Europe: dotJS 2017. The dotConferences are TED-like tech conferences with a fireside chat environment. They bring together exerts in varies technology fields and have them share their knowledge to others in the industry. We also attended the dotCSS conference on November 30th.

dotConferences is a series of high-calibre developer events in Paris and started in 2012 with one question in mind: "What if we organized a developer conference with the format and the quality standards of TED?"

With that start in mind they now host 7 conferences a year, inviting the best developers worldwide to speak on the most beautiful stages Paris has to offer.

​My top three speakers

​Getting data from the sky

The topic "Getting Data From The Sky” by Thomas Watson was extremely inspiring. He talked about how to receive information about aeroplanes by using small antenna with specific radiofrequencies.

Thomas is a computer programmer, public speaker, and open source hacker. He has published hundreds of Node modules and is a member of the Node.js Diagnostics Working Group at the Node.js Foundation.

A framework author's case against frameworks

Another great talk was from Adrian Holovaty; "A framework author's case against frameworks”. His point was about an abundance of information in the Tech World and that we should be careful to take the information we need and DO THINGS, not just read and consume.

Adrian is a talented individual; musician, web developer and journalist just to name a few. He co-created the open-source Django web framework, which is used by tens of thousands of people around the world.

A Brief History of JavaScript

​Inventor of JavaScript, Brendan Eich, had a brilliant speech on how JavaScript became the most popular language in a world. The way he walked through the journey was outstanding. It was very inspiring and got many invested in really starting to do things you like; pursuing your dreams.

Most inspirational moment

The final words on the last slide in Adrian Holovaty's speah about "A framework author’s case against frameworks” really inspired me:

“Think for yourself.”

Those three words have a lot of meaning and can be applied outside of the Tech world. That is really inspiring.

​Want to know more?

​Learn more about dotConferences and their events here. Their next event will be the dotSwift 2018 Conference on January 29th in Paris. You can learn more about the event and register here.


​Photography was sourced from the dotJS 2017 Flickr account.