DIRMA offers a way forward for the advertisement business and fundraisers

by Eva Lowe
Content Editor

February 7, 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

​The founder of DIRMA

​Michael Sejrbo-Petersen is a local entrepreneur in Helsingborg, Sweden. He has a degree in marketing management and has a strong interest in the advertisement business. He has also come up with a genius idea that will revolutionise both business marketing and fundraising alike. 

Michael has developed a digital tool called DIRMA which enables two interest groups to benefit from each other. It facilitates business opportunities for companies by advertising to a specific target audience. At the same time it also contributes to society in the form of fundraising.

​Advertisement needs to reach the target audience to be more effective

Businesses and shops in Sweden send out a considerable amount of advertisement flyers every week. They represent 4.2% of the total expenditure on advertisement in Sweden. The life-span of most of these flyers last only a couple of seconds, while it is being transported from the mailbox and straight into the paper recycling bin. This week I personally disposed of 0.5 kilograms of paper advertising. What a waste of resources! Paper advertising doesn’t appear to target specific audiences but rather goes for mass distribution and targeting everyone in a selected radius. This is not an effective way to advertise.

Forbytes DIRMA recycling advertisements programmer manager bin

​Fundraising needs to be efficient and easy to do

Community-based sport clubs in Sweden rely on their members and their families to fundraise or organise events in order to boost their income. You’ll often see ​hot dog stands that need to be set up for matches; come rain or shine. Lottery tickets are distributed and sold. Maybe there is the odd set of dirty match t-shirts that needs washing. Parents and other members contribute by selling and buying cookies and lottery tickets.

However, only a small percentage of members actually do these jobs. Some people don’t have the time to spare to volunteer such services, even though they want to​. Others might have time but no interest. Some can’t afford to give money to the club. Others can.​

So how can sports clubs effectively fundraise?

​Both businesses and fundraisers can profit from digital advertisement

Michael Sejrbo-Petersen’s digital tool addresses not only the ​inefficient way companies advertise. It also allows fundraisers ​to take advantage of the very same advertising.

“There is no guarantee that advertisers will reach their market group by distributing adverts by post or digitally. It is costly for the environment, old-fashioned and expensive. I think it is more important to concentrate on a specific group of people rather than try to reach everybody and hope on good luck. I want to change the way retailers reach their target audience,” says Michael.

​Making contributions to your club with just a few clicks

​The current users of ​DIRMA are members of community-based sport clubs, in and around the town of Helsingborg, Sweden. They are asked to state their interests and consumption habits, so that the ads can be tailored to them specifically. They agree to receive 2-3 adverts per week. These adverts are highly relevant to them and will now address them personally. The advert consists of a short presentation, followed by two tick box questions. Their club earns 1-5 SEK every time they give the correct answer. It only takes a couple of minutes and only requires a few clicks on their laptop or mobile devices. 

Forbytes DIRMA riding helmet whip phone paper article illustration

​Lowering your advertising costs and reaching your target audience

The advertisers that work with DIRMA only pay for the number of correct answers that they get from the readers.​ These questions are designed to prove that the content of the advert has been read and understood. Furthermore, they set the price they are willing to pay for a correct answer themselves. This way they get their message out directly to potential customers while saving money on mass distribution. 

​The winner takes it all

The winner in this “game” is the sport clubs. They can potentially increase their income considerably if everyone in the club joins in. Additionally, the adverts are more cost effective and more environmentally friendly. That’s another win!

The fundraisers don’t mind these adverts because they are addressed to them specifically and their sport club will benefit at the same time. Everyone can feel great about doing something for the community. Win all around!

“It’s a win-win for both consumers and businesses,” says Ola Johansson who is in charge of the swimming club in Klippan.

I would venture to say it’s a win-win-win!