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Magento eCommerce Platform
Magento eCommerce Platform

For the prospecting digital retailer, there are several options to choose from when heading into eCommerce. Picking the best eCommerce platform for your needs is essential to elevate your business above the competition. While there are several big names in the eCommerce industry, Magento stands apart with its focus on customization.

Magento’s rising star

Since it was released to the public in 2008, Magento has continued to grow and improve. Not only has it become one of the giants in the eCommerce business, but it has also held on to its popularity for years. In fact, a decade after its release it powered 13% of eCommerce sites. This means that among the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, Magento gets the bronze, just behind WooCommerce (21%) and Shopify (18%).

A versatile eCommerce platform requiring technical know-how

While the Magento platform has often been viewed as primarily suited for medium and big businesses, this is not entirely true. Small businesses can adapt Magento to their needs, with the added benefit of providing ample room to seamlessly grow.

In truth, what can be a cause for concern is that Magento requires a bit of technical skill to provide the best possible experience for both business and customer. Other eCommerce software, like Shopify, is easier to set up and manage for the less technical individual. However, this ease of use comes at a cost of adaptability and user control.

Nevertheless, Magento might still be the best eCommerce solution for you, even if you don’t have the necessary technical skill to properly set up a Magento store yourself. There are plenty of companies that provide Magento eCommerce development services and can truly make the platform, and your business, shine.

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In the market for success

As “merchants using Magento grow 3 times faster, on average”, investing in the Magento platform can be the key to striking gold. Additionally, Magento is self-hosted and open-sourced, which allows you to control every aspect of your eCommerce business. There are also thousands of themes and plugins available at the Magento Marketplace. With a little digging, you can no doubt find a great combination for the best user experience for your customers.

This adaptability has played a big part in making the Magento eCommerce platform a success. While Magento has become the third most popular eCommerce solution provider globally, its performance history is even more impressive. For six years in a row, Magento has been the foremost choice among the top 1000 internet retailers.

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