4 Articles with Actionable 2020 eCommerce Black Friday Tips

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Black Friday eCommerce
Black Friday eCommerce

Black Fridays present a great opportunity as well as a real challenge for traditional and online stores. For example, in 2018, the websites of Walmart, Gamestop, Applebee, J.Crew, and some other retailers didn’t quite handle the traffic, crushed, and faced customers’ frustration.

Because of the current circumstances, Black Friday 2020 is likely to be quite demanding to online stores and its employees. Thus, the sooner eCommerce businesses start preparations for the discount period, the better chances they have at handling the surge of consumers without excessive stress, technical difficulties, and sales lost due to crushes.

In this publication, you’ll find 4 articles with eCommerce Black Friday tips to help you prepare and leverage the opportunity to the best of your company’s capacity.

1. Magento’s 4 P’s of Peak Traffic Performance

According to Magento, the foundation of a great Black Friday strategy for retailers during heavy load lies upon 4 P’s:

  • Predicting Traffic by performing data analysis for determining the approximate load your online store will have to deal with.
  • Putting resources to the test by performing load testing based on the data analysis results.
  • Preparing your site according to the weaknesses uncovered during load testing.
  • Practicing good habits, such as image optimization, performance monitoring, making data backups, adjusting unnoticeable deployment of ‘hot’ updates.

Those are nuanced tasks that require solid tech expertise. However, if done properly, they present a surefire Black Friday eCommerce strategy for the performance boost.

Read more about online store optimization here:

The Four P’s of Peak Season Performance: A Guide to Preparing Your Infrastructure for High Traffic.

2. Covering the Essentials of Speed, SEO, Data Analysis, and Security

Last year, we prepared the article that covered the essential eCommerce Black Friday tips. The writing included advice on speed testing, customer data security, and a mobile-first approach to increase the performance and stability of your online shop.

Read more about boosting your retail software here:

Top 5 Black Friday Tips for Your eCommerce Business Website banner

Another article that neatly complements the aforementioned one is our blog post on eCommerce integrations, some of which can be especially important during peak traffic preparations. We suggest paying close attention to the product recommendation engine and eCommerce analytics integrations.

Read more about beneficial website enhancements here:

Top 5 eCommerce Integrations that Can Boost Your Business.”

3. Massive Storefront Preparation

The first impression matters. Looks matter too, especially in a densely populated online retail market. The visuals and the user experience of your online store are important success factors. As follows, to be sure that your website attracts and engages users effectively, its design and user flows have to be top-notch. To achieve this, you need good merchandising, an accurate recommendation system, an effective home page, active customer engagement, flexible payment options, and more.

Read more about making your shop more appealing here:

Succeeding in the New Face-to-Face: A Guide to Preparing Your Digital Storefront for Peak Season.

4. Don’t Forget About Marketing

A resilient online store, which will stand its ground to the break of dawn without wavering, is a must. Nevertheless, without proper marketing, your optimization efforts will be in vain.

In order to get to the light through the thick thickets of competition, you need a smooth implementation of an actionable marketing strategy. Thorough marketing automation can go a long way in ensuring that the offer of your eCommerce store gets in front of the right audience in time.

Read more about marketing automation tips here:

Merchant’s Guide to Ecommerce Marketing Automation.


Remember that Black Friday isn’t only about boosting sales and unloading warehouses but also about winning new customers. A smooth user journey, well-performing website, beneficial offers that put a consumer first, and quality service will help you to get and retain the loyalty of new buyers. So, use the Black Friday eCommerce strategy to propel your business forward and keep the good habits throughout the year to keep your customers around.

If your online store needs a software audit to determine its weak points or a software update to work under the load better, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have experience developing retail software for top European sellers, such as Trademax, Stenströms, North European Trust AB, and will be happy to use our knowledge to your advantage.

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