Advisory & consultancy services

Many business owners face the dilemma of choosing how to manage and get the best value from their software solutions. Poor decisions on managing the bridge between technology and business leads to haemorrhaging money and goodwill.


Take a moment to think about whether your software solutions support or detract from your business.


Are your customers happy? Do they come back for your products and services or is your competition giving them reasons to leave? Are your staff efficient or do they complain about manual and repetitive work? Could you automate any of those processes? How quickly can you adapt to changes in the market or to new regulations? Are you planning for the future?

The simplest of projects can become monsters and failures can amount to lost revenue for businesses like yours.

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A simple business idea does not always mean that the development work will be easy or quick. The full consequences of such a misplaced assumption can be very severe. Those of you that have made a decision on a misplaced assumption and been burnt, will appreciate how much pain you could have been spared if only you had the right advice to start with.


With Forbytes you get up front advice to help you make well informed decisions before committing any resources. You also benefit from continued advice and guidance throughout your collaboration with us. The difficult part of software development is not the development – it is understanding what your business needs. And how best to deliver it.

Forbytes have a range of services that can be tailored to help you digitalise your business.

Tailored for your needs

We like to help people get started properly. If you have a question, feel free to send it to us. We will get back to you.


Here are some examples of questions we have been asked in the past:

  • We do a lot of manual work in our office. How can we use technology to help automate some of this work?
  • We do not have a full-time software development team. Do we need one?
  • How do we keep our current software systems useful and valuable?
  • stop
    What can we do to improve the flow and management of information across the business?
tailored for your needs outsourced software development advice advisory consultancy service
  • I have identified an area where I think a software solution could solve some problems. How do I go about testing my concept?
  • On our last project there seemed to be lots of problems. Why is this?
  • How useful would agile methods be to us?
  • stop
    I’m looking to build a multivendor marketplace e-commerce website using Magento open source. Can you advise me on how much this would cost and how much time it would take?