User Scenarios & Acceptance Tests are detailed requirements for the team to plan what they will develop. As a general rule, they should be understandable to nontechnical people in the business. Use a consistent pattern for writing the requirements to improve understanding and communication of what is needed and how it will be tested. Writing User Scenarios & Acceptance Tests distils, crystallises, and clarifies thought and helps break complex solutions into simpler parts.
The technical experts can then use the User Scenarios & Acceptance Tests to determine the best way to build what has been asked for.

User Scenario

As a (role) I want/need (ability/feature ) so that (benefit).

Acceptance Test

Use either of the two patterns below to describe each test.

Option 1:

As a (role) I will (specify the action/event ) to confirm that (Ability/feature ) does the following (expected outcome).

Option 2:

Given (one scenario and related conditions) when (specify the action/event ) then (expected outcome).

What must a well-formed US&AT be?

  • Understandable
  • Independent
  • Negotiable
  • Valuable
  • Estimable
  • Small (preferably less that 5 days to develop)
  • Testable

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